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Catch 22

Posted by REDSLITHER on February 22, 2017 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Yossarian is either raving mad or he's just fucking with everyone around him.
so far it's pretty funny, mostly because they all seem crazy. but i guess i would be too in their situation. Other than that im not sure i really like it. I skip alot of stuff that runs on like rambling to be honest. i feel like a part of me wants to just get through the book and be done with it. 
it got good reviews which is  partly why i wanted to read it in the first place plus it is considered a classic . im gonna stop for now and just try reading a farewell to arms and see how that goes. but i feel like ill probably like Catch 22 better anyhow. 

Pokemon Sun and Moon Game

Posted by REDSLITHER on November 23, 2016 at 3:10 AM Comments comments (0)


Has finally arrived! I know i am very late on posting, i have been caught up in playing, reading and work. lol 

i'm still on the first island but i like it so far. I have spent insane time trying to obtain pokemon and deciede who is on my team or rather who will be. with lots to pick from it hasnt been easy! especially since im really trying to use Alolan pokemon only because i havent experienced them yet.

I have Moon and my brother has Sun. some of my favorite pokemon so far are Cutiefly whom i obtained a shiny by random! best ever! and Vulpix. She is amazing i love her new form! And raticate is doing very good in his new form. Rockruff is SO CUTE!! and his forms are awesome! Liligant may have a spot on my team too. And of course my starter poplio. haters gonna hate i know. 

I was extremely dissapointed to discover that vulpix and sandshrews alolan forms arent obtainable until basically end game, which i was looking forward to them the most.... however my brother already beat the game in 3 days no less! he bred one real quick for me =). Jolt my Grubbin may stay. hes ok. his final form i heard was very good. ive been eatin rootbeer float yogurts lol theyre amazing! while playing pokemon. wonder trading a whole lot. problem is  ...... i forgot what i was gonna say! lol hahaha wow. i m super tired i suppose. it's like 4am here and i havent slept a wink! i will add more info as i go. =)

Oh and i really really LOVE that there are NO HMS! finally. i always hated trying to balance out moves with necessary . they provide you with rides/mounts that you can use anytime that cannot battle tho. still theyre great!

New Computer Samsung 11.6Inch Chromebook

Posted by REDSLITHER on August 26, 2016 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)


So i bought this a few days ago at a 24 hour walmart in the middle of the night haha. So far i really like it. Its super lightweight, charges in less than a hour, good on battery, its cute and small, syncs with all google stuff so that works good for me. The only downside is that its running on the google Operating system. Windows is sadly where most things are made, and what most are compatible with. so i can't even play my copy of pokemon Uranium which really sucks since Pokemon makers decieded to put a cease and desist on Uranium. which i disagree with. so you cant even get the game anymore. But i am super psyched about the new pokemon sun and moon!

Sorry got way sidetracked there... lol


It has a 32GB Hard Drive, which sucks if you download a lot of stuff however it comes with the OverDrive thing where you can store stuff on the internet. i dont really like the idea of all my personal stuff being stored on the internet so i never put anything inapropriate on it and neither should you! =)

So far i havent had any problems with it, it runs fast, you can get google apps on chromebook like my favorite app so far called DUOLINGO, its an app that teaches you languages, other people can add stuff to it, but its fun and keeps you learning with daily goals and lessons. best of all Duolingo is FREE.

You can link your Android Phone to your chromebook and use the find my phone app/feature. i like that, now i can always find my phone =)

I use my phones mobile hotspot sometimes (only if i have to) for my chromebook and it works great. Theres even a Gameboy Advanced Emulator App available for chromebook.  just type in the search VBA-M.

i have 7 chrome tabs going at once and no issues, doesnt slow it down none as far as ive seen. The laptop doesnt heat up a lot like some computers do, so i can have it on my bare skin no problems.

Pokemon Old White hack by Foullump(patched)

Posted by REDSLITHER on March 2, 2015 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)


Patched and edited by Foullump (i asssume since it says that)

Im adding my own opinions of the game as well as quick facts for those considering downloading it and Helpful walkthrough / pokemon location stuff since its lacking a map and guide.

Origionally this hack was incomplete, a quick search revealed no one really has much info outside of the West Acedemy.

Some things i noticed right off the bat about this particular hack was that You can choose from 9 starters: charmander, balbasuar, squirtle, chickorita, totodile, cyndiquail, torchic, treecko, and mudkip.

Another thing is that you dont receive a town map in the beginning.

Another thing (that i actually liked) is that the pokemon have been changed, their attacks and stuff are not what you would expect. Totodile for example starts off with Aqua Ring, also some of the attacks dont do what they used to such as tail whip now does 40 damage. And Abra does not start of with teleport but rather Hidden Power. And of course the starters learn their elemental moves at level 6 and 7 AKA Ember, water gun, etc.

This hack also happens to be fairly hard and lacking (so far) in gyms. After recieving your starter you battle people in the academy which consists of every starter pokemon you did not choose as well as gary who has Eevee. There is a gym looking place you fight but do not receive a badge for too.

The trainers and pokemon are high levels so you have to constantly grind to keep up.... And there is a serious lack of places to heal in....Its deffinitly a challenging hack if you dont train ALOT.

The story was pretty good at first, theres nothing i love more than a great new story by people making their own hacks. If i wanted to play another re run of the origionals i wouldnt download hacks right?

Once you leave the academy the story kindof dissapears up until you run into team aqua which is next to nothing. Theres alot more routes and caves then there are towns, which is fine except for the fact that theres no where to heal your pokemon.... and not much opportunities to buy items, So the routes to me so far look a bit repetitive ... which is kinda boring me.... theyre all grass and bridges and caves so far. ALSO the marts sell berrys too, i like that added feature alot.

This game consists of a mixture of the 3 gens ive seen of so far. And despite me being in the 20's Level wise now i have yet to come across a gym.... I am currently in seaside village, and seaside cave has level 15-18 wild pokemon... after very much grinding my pokemon are all level 22. That gives you an idea of how the wild pokemon are keeping up with you making the game difficult.

you can find treecko, pikachu,and  pichu,  in the wild  ROUTE 73 by ROUTE 71 and the forest.

ROUTE 71 is just one giant beach with square grass patches filled with Ralts, Abra, volbeat, Squirtle, teddiursa, pidgey, etc.

Off beach is pidgey, skitty, teddiursa, pidgeotto, abra, etc.

Heading south down ROUTE 71 is a random pokemon center which at that point youll probably need if you didnt pick up some repels in seashore (seaside?) town or whatever it was called.

SO basically its one giant circle. passing the pokemon center you come to a cross roads and annoyingly realize your back at the academy pretty much except this time you may now go to Sol CIty (NORTH).

Im going to stop here at this point unless you guys actually want me to help guide you through this and keep record of the wild pokemon.

Keep in mind that you can eventually catch most of the starters.... Especially DONT DONT DONT pick Treecko or Squirtle...... You can catch them at almost the very begining of the game i told you where exactly to catch them earlier if you were reading the route info i put up.

ALso again remember ive never finished the hack..... so i dont know if the story is finished etc.

watch what you download there are a few versions of this out there so look for the complete one or if you want exactly what i got go with FOULLUMPs.

Afterglow gaming products xbox360

Posted by REDSLITHER on September 10, 2012 at 5:15 AM Comments comments (0)


Products specifically covered:

.pink afterglow wired controller

.blue afterglow wired headset

*NOTE: The product review is based on my personal review, and also covers the pro's and con's of the product. Sometimes i might add additional notes/comments from others i have reviewed & whom have personally used the product. i will begin first with the controler which i have had longer.

Pink Controller

i want to start by saying the color doesn't matter when it comes to performance, it's really just personal preference.

First things first. These products look amazing! my favorite being the pink one, or purple whatever you want to call it. I have never had a problem with the controler, it hasn't broken or shown any signs of being less than any other brand. i have had it for almost a year now. Now i will list off the pro's and Con's. Also just found out that there is in fact a wireless one


.looks awesome

.long cord

.decent quality

.offered in 4 colors pink/purple, green, blue, red

.GOOD PRICE. they're usually $25.98-$29.98 which is excellent in comparison to the $60 wireless ones.  and the wired standard is $31-45 depending on where you go.

.Does work with all other afterglow (xbox360 products) such as the wired headset


.not available as wireless

.does't work with most other non afterglow products....  such as the messenger or other things that plug into the bottom of the controler. its custom to the afterglow headset. however the wired headset from say gamestop  will plug into the bottom.

.offered wireless but only for ps3 and android i think...  there might be a xbox version by now but if so i have yet to see one.. i will update you if i do find out.

Wired Headset


. offered in 3 different colors blue, green and red

.also offered in wireless blue glow (universal) $89.99

.only $19.99! which is cheap =]

.looks cool

.comfortable feel

.rotates to allow left or right placement of the mic

.has a large mute button on the side you can click in so the others cannot hear you

.you can adjust how loud the volume is coming through the earpeice

.the part that plugs into the controller has a ligt on it that lights up red if the mute is turned on


.only works with the afterglow controllers because of the bottom plug in is custom to it

.sound(as far as them hearing you goes) is as not strong because it's not only not adjustable but the mic isn't as close to your mouth, so whispering into the mic isn't optional unless you don't intend on being heard. this was confirmed by people i was playing with that its not as loud as the other mic i used. in fact i had a few complaints 3 months after getting it that they could barely hear me.

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