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Books and their Value (discussion)

Posted by REDSLITHER on October 8, 2016 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

BOOKS AND THEIR VALUE : how it is, and why? a general discussion

The value of books

Ok, so everyone knows that the author and the publisher are the ones who determine how much a book costs, and that this price can always be found on a book that is being sold. Atleast in the USA and Canada anyways. This price can usually be found on the back of the book or inside on the cover jacket. We basically know how they determine the price, but what about second hand sellers? how does one value a book? This is something i have often pondered whenever i go into a "used" book store or buy a book anywhere outside of a bookstore where it is "brand new".  Does anyone else ever wonder why the prices are normally halved?

The origional value is highly based upon : cost of making the book, how much the author wants to make per book, how much cut the company/publisher wants and how much they think the public would be willng to pay for it. And of course it's also compared to other prices on the market currently.  which usually results in most books being around the same price. If you look around you will see theres a "going rate/range" for books of different kinds. Hardcovers always the priciest of the bunch.

Why does a book being read once significantly lower the value but any time after that has no further effect?

So i bought a book today called Splintered. it's cover price (origional price by publisher) says $8.95 US. The used book store sold it for $4.95. why? I've noticed MOST places sell books for about half of their marked price. Don't get me wrong, i am NOT complaining, in fact i love that they are so much cheaper. what i dont understand is why the book is only worth half its deemed value after being read once, but after the second time the price pretty much never gets lower. so resale number 7 will still be $4.95. WHY? It doesn't even make sense to me. I goto a used book store often, i've even sold them back the book i got from them (they only gave me a doller credit) so that they could put it back on the shelf again for the same price they had sold it to me for. so why then does being used only count once? most of the time it seems the condition of the book does not affect the cost when many other items that can be sold as "used" are affected by condition. I think it is partly because we dont place high value on literature. The other weird thing is, once a book is resold, the author or publisher doesn't make any more money off it. They made their money (beleive it or not) off of the bookstores who bought the books from them. most bookstores actually BUY the books that they are selling. it's not how you probably thought. i bet you thought that the publisher and author get paid when you actually buy the book didnt you. So esentially the bookstore is taking a chance on books. so when people steal from a bookstore they are hurting the bookstore. remember that before you steal from your favorite bookstore if you want it to still be there in the future. So if a book sells well, the store will order more. that's why its often hard to find random unpopular books in stores. and just think of ALLLLLL those books the store didnt order because they thought it wouldn't sell well. 

Should a books condition determine value?

I think books should be priced based on the condition of the book, or atleast the condition should affect the price. because i bought an old tattered book that was on its last limbs for half the value of the origional price, i think it should have been a little cheaper than half personally. Also, i've seen that more popular novels often remain a little higher in price than most.

Older books and the good ol' days

It's amazing looking back on really old books, like i bought a 1955 copy of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", and it's in OK-ISH condition, i paid $2.95 for it despite its cover price of 35 cents. LOL It's okay though, i would have paid 7 if it was 7. I love old books, i feel like they are more valuable than the new in a way. I've been on a classic novel binge lately lol I loved The Great Gatsby. I have read it 3 times now. I picked up another copy of the Historian and Dracula. I also got Uncle toms Cabin which is my first time reading it i believe. I remember when i used to get mad at school when we had to read older books, often i didn't really read  them i skimmed them. It's something you learn to appreciate and enjoy as you grow though. =) 

if you guys liked this blog let me know, then ill do one on Ebooks. and even tell you how to get some ebooks for free, etc. =)

New Computer Samsung 11.6Inch Chromebook

Posted by REDSLITHER on August 26, 2016 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)


So i bought this a few days ago at a 24 hour walmart in the middle of the night haha. So far i really like it. Its super lightweight, charges in less than a hour, good on battery, its cute and small, syncs with all google stuff so that works good for me. The only downside is that its running on the google Operating system. Windows is sadly where most things are made, and what most are compatible with. so i can't even play my copy of pokemon Uranium which really sucks since Pokemon makers decieded to put a cease and desist on Uranium. which i disagree with. so you cant even get the game anymore. But i am super psyched about the new pokemon sun and moon!

Sorry got way sidetracked there... lol


It has a 32GB Hard Drive, which sucks if you download a lot of stuff however it comes with the OverDrive thing where you can store stuff on the internet. i dont really like the idea of all my personal stuff being stored on the internet so i never put anything inapropriate on it and neither should you! =)

So far i havent had any problems with it, it runs fast, you can get google apps on chromebook like my favorite app so far called DUOLINGO, its an app that teaches you languages, other people can add stuff to it, but its fun and keeps you learning with daily goals and lessons. best of all Duolingo is FREE.

You can link your Android Phone to your chromebook and use the find my phone app/feature. i like that, now i can always find my phone =)

I use my phones mobile hotspot sometimes (only if i have to) for my chromebook and it works great. Theres even a Gameboy Advanced Emulator App available for chromebook.  just type in the search VBA-M.

i have 7 chrome tabs going at once and no issues, doesnt slow it down none as far as ive seen. The laptop doesnt heat up a lot like some computers do, so i can have it on my bare skin no problems.

My New Pet ( a must see )

Posted by REDSLITHER on February 2, 2016 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Guess what yours truely has obtained? =)

Poecilotheria metallica

Common Name(s):

English – Peacock Tarantula, Peacock Parachute Spider, Metallic Tarantula, Gooty Tarantula, Salepurgu

It comes from India. =)

Right now i have a Sling (spiderling) and he or she is too small for me to tell gender. Their color and pattern may vary depending on gender males being the brighter more colorful ones. i'm so excited i can't wait to see how it turns out! This isn't something im breeding, more or less i've always wanted a blue spider lol

This one is a female. The picture at the very top is male. Either way is cool but i REALLY want a male. =) Can you blame me? Right now im feeding Blue (its name is Blue) one small cricket a day. I heard most feed them everyother day but the crickets are small and so far Blue has been eating them immedietly without any reservation soooo pretty sure im not over feeding him lol.

Wikipedia says they are Critically Endangered so having them as pets is kinda i think help keeping the species going. who knows maybe ill breed them eventually but right now i have no intention of doing such a thing. i will keep everyone updated on the little guy or girl. lol

Right now it has no color, but i heard it will start showing within the first year. I will post a photo of it and a video of feeding soon (not tonight) but soon. Thanks everyone feel free to comment or whatever, Any advice is welcome. This is after all my very first with keeping a spider other than george who we all know went terrible lol That Tarantula was super agressive i had to take it back to the store. But im trying again. No giving up this time! Especially since this spider costs $90 to $100~! 0_o

I have been afraid of spiders, (yup, i'm admitting it now) for some time. And the George incident didn't help at all, infact possibly made it worse haha BUT, i am very determined to get over this fear, and i will not let it get in the way of me taking care of the little thing... soon to be BIG thing. 0_o

Im dying in my 80 degree room you cold blooded's are killin meh. And i have fed the Tarantula everyday a single fairly small cricket. I read online that it's okay to feed them more when they are young helps them grow faster. I will look up more info shortly. maybe skip a day feeding i dont want to overdo it. And i hope it was wrong but it said the pokeys (p metallica) spiders bite is worse than a normal tarantula. I really wanna know if its true and why. I read online that these suckers get around 8 inches. Thats too big for my shoes! jk ! Just kidding ! =) <3<3<3 Thats big though. Im worried about its first molt, i am hoping all goes well, i watched wayyy too many horror videos on molts gone wrong, i don't want Blue to lose a leg or anything like that. 0_0

ALSO, i am going to start a Forum for Spiders. That way everyone can Discuss  it and i can get more info too =) i want to hear from all you experienced Arachnid hobbiests. =P

**Oh and i almost forgot, i would like to thank Mark, for buying me this beautifully creepy spider. lol** :P

UPDATE: Me and Mark went our seperate ways and sadly this beautiful spider went with him. I will miss the little spiderling. Im sure its grown to a beauty by now. if i get a picture of it grown up i promise i will post it for everyone. =)

Sword Art Online Anime Show

Posted by REDSLITHER on January 30, 2015 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (0)


Watch Swords Art Online Episodes Free Here (click)((English subbed))


This Japanese Anime is interesting, if you like video games and MMO's you'll probably appreciate this Anime. Basically this guy creates a virtual reality game where the players put on a helmet and are actually in the game. tons of people get it, but turns out the creator had ulterior motives. He made it to where once logged in the players could not log out, making them stuck in the game until they defeat it. All 100 And he made it so if they die in the game he kills them in reality. basically the helmet fries your brain and kills you if anyone removes it before you beat the game or if you die in game. Kirito is the main character he is pretty cool. Everyone fights with midevil weapons and such... no guns, and no magic. the game is called SAO.


One thing I do not like so far about this anime ( not including the fact that they don't have it in English) is that in some episodes it jumps a decent time span. The first time it happened I was confused. I though I somehow skipped an episode. For some reason or another the episodes aren't back to back exactly... some of them are in the future. I hope I am explaining this correctly. Basically episode 2 is obviously when Kirito is new or whatever, then episode 3 is 2 months later. some of the episodes are huge gaps. Atleast though it doesn't get boring. Kirito is in level 50 by episode 6. He goes back and forth between levels. Basically him and others are "in the front lines" trying to beat the game so everyone can escape.

Oddly enough I personally wouldn't mind being stuck in a game that's a MMO. lol I would be a beast tamer. ^-^ This reminds me of Ultima Online.

Im enjoying this so far. One other thing I notice is they don't spend enough time character developing. They keep it entertaining and eventful but between that and the time span jumping the creators failed to really develop characters.... the only character they kind of developed is Kirito. So far I barely know anything about him, im sure it will get better over time. im on episode 7. obviously im still watching and liking it so they didn't mess up too bad, it kinda works for them I guess. One thing I really like in this anime is how accurately MMO it is.... If you are a gamer you definitely will like this. =) Watch the first 4 episodes atleast before you decide whether or not you like it. Especially you gamers out there. One of my favorite episodes so far is Episode 6 where Kirito has to solve a mystery and Episode 4 where he meets a tamer. I always had a good tamer character when I played MMO's. hehe ^_^

Anyone feel free to add to or comment on this. Obviously please say spoiler alerts if you are gonna spoil stuff =P haha. some people get really upset/mad if you don't warn them of spoilers. And as always questions and requests are always welcome.


Redslithers New Reptilian Member

Posted by REDSLITHER on January 15, 2015 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Please Welcome our Newest Member to the Site!

She is a beautiful Bumblebee Morph straight from Mike Wilbanks. to be exact.

Mike Wilbanks is definitley one of the more expensive vendors but as you can see his snakes are of top quality. I  bought her for $250.00 USD.

I haven't named her yet so everyone feel free to comment on idea's. I will post when i have made my choice.

Random. What makes a book a movie?

Posted by REDSLITHER on January 30, 2014 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Listening to Wild Magic by Tamora Peirce. Enjoying a Green Tea like i used to.  It's cute. I read it long ago but i wanted to do so again. I keep prooving my point. Books that are written in 3rd person never get to be a movie. Tons of people requested this book be a movie... however i think something about 3rd person keeps them in book form. Same thing goes for Valiant. A great third person book that should have became a movie but didnt.  think about it. Twilight was first person. Catching Fire was first person. The only third person things to hit the big screen is anime. mostly things like disney movies and pokemon. But those are entirely different.

I am still doing research on it. So far my theorys been correct. I will continue to make a list of movies that came from a book and what person they were in. Anyone is free to add what they found.

Should I write a story? - RedslitherGirl

Posted by REDSLITHER on December 19, 2013 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (1)
*Note: By reading this you are agreeing that you will not
steal my idea's. That isn't right. By reading you are also
agreeing that if you were to steal (copyright) my stuff you
will have legal action taken against you. I am just protect-
ing my stories okay? I intend to try and publish what I write.

In 2012 i received a Creative Writing Certificate from my
 community college. I have always enjoyed writing, even
 before that I was always writing stories of my own, but 
had never actually finished one until I took these courses.
I esecially loved to write in a notebook, of course as far
as writing books goes, that isn't a very good idea. 
My favorite subject is of course Fiction, anything with
zombies, magic, and special powers, or mythical creatures
and I was hooked. 

So, I figured I would get on here and perhaps cover a few of
my idea's with everyone, and maybe even make the site allow 
none members to comment on stuff temporarily. I noticed that
my stuff has been getting viewed but no one is really taking
the time to comment. Perhaps because they don't want to take
the time to make an account? Even though it only takes 2 mins
tops... lol. 
Ok, so I already started a book a while back called The 
It was basically your average zombie apocolypse however the
 people survived in an underground facility they built. Also the
 other twist is that some of the people have powers or abilties.
 ^-^ There are several main characters and the book switches 
throughout everyones point of view. I try to keep that to a 
minimum and you also never read the same event twice. So 
it's not like your getting it from the same angle over and over 
again. It's a refreshing take on the situation and I believe helps
 you get to know the characters on a more personal level
as opposed to just one person. =] My sister keeps insisting
 that she is in love with one of my characters "Cole" and
 that I must finish it.
I think I will, although I kind of feel like starting fresh...
 But that is also what keeps me from finishing one story! haha
 If it were not for my two professors from College I would 
never have finished those short stories!
Let me know what you think. If you want to present idea's or 
make comments that is fine, Don't tell me to do something 
that you intend on doing, if you simply want to tell me what
 your writing that is fine too, just make a noteof that. 
I won't take your idea's that you are using. Common decency. 

RedslitherGirl (site owner) My new nickname

Posted by REDSLITHER on November 10, 2013 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)


This is what i have decieded to refer to myself as. lol . It is actually my xbox gamer tag too although i rarely play anymore. For my personal blogs that will be under "my blog" i will call them Redslithergirl. and then maybe a number? or should i give them a actual title? Please comment and let me know what you think! i am leaning towards a subject title of some sort.

So yeah i basically gave myself a nickname. what of it? hahah

I have alot to think about, alot on my plate, and so much on my mind. So many things are going on in life, sometimes i wish i could just pull out a remote and press pause. Take a much needed break from all the stress and drama. It's not hard to feel overwhelmed when life doesn't give you a break, it just keeps going.. and if you don't keep up there is a chance you can fall behind.

And that is where i feel i am at right now. Falling behind. That is why I havent gotten things done for the site like i have been saying. there is SO much i wanted to do with it, and so many cool idea's i want to implement. But right now so much other stuff is going on and i am behind in school, working alot and struggling with lifes other personal drama's. Let me tell you, kids, it's no fun being grown up. (If there are any young readers here).

Being grown up is about responsability, making a living, providing for yourself and sometimes others if you happen to have kids of your own. Thank god i did not, i can barely support myself. Could you imagine being responsible for someone other than yourself? Another human being that you created and cannot fend for themselves at all? I already have four reptilian babies and that is more than enough for me! haha.

I am going to be real with you guys on a personal level here. So dont be afraid to be real with me too. I am all about loyalty and honesty. I try to be the best person i can be, I seek others who do the same, and freinds who are life family with the same motto's. =P

Sadly they are rare and very few in life. I have only 1 who fits this description. The world we live in today is a dark one. 90% of the world shouldn't be trusted. And the other 10% are hard to find, and even when we do find them, sometimes life takes them away from us anyways...

**On a lighter note, I am going to try harder to do my best and be really active on the site. I could use some support from members and site visitors. It's a fun community to be in and not all about gaming, it's about life, realism, fun, and learning. It can be so much and is only limited to what you think or allow it to be. So think limitless, Allow anything. Within reason of course. There are rules to every site, mostly common ones about being nice, respectful, this is public and may have people under the age of 18 viewing it, so with that in mind..... enjoy and be the best you can be~!


My Blog Category

Posted by REDSLITHER on November 10, 2013 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Ok, so basically this is a blog i have designated to more or less .... how should i put this? My stuff, my life, feelings, etc, whatever i feel like sharing. A more personal level i guess you could say. You will see what i mean. I will make another post. this one was just to kind of clarify the categorie.

thanks for reading =] please join our site and give us input! =]

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