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My New Pet ( a must see )

Posted by REDSLITHER on February 2, 2016 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Guess what yours truely has obtained? =)

Poecilotheria metallica

Common Name(s):

English – Peacock Tarantula, Peacock Parachute Spider, Metallic Tarantula, Gooty Tarantula, Salepurgu

It comes from India. =)

Right now i have a Sling (spiderling) and he or she is too small for me to tell gender. Their color and pattern may vary depending on gender males being the brighter more colorful ones. i'm so excited i can't wait to see how it turns out! This isn't something im breeding, more or less i've always wanted a blue spider lol

This one is a female. The picture at the very top is male. Either way is cool but i REALLY want a male. =) Can you blame me? Right now im feeding Blue (its name is Blue) one small cricket a day. I heard most feed them everyother day but the crickets are small and so far Blue has been eating them immedietly without any reservation soooo pretty sure im not over feeding him lol.

Wikipedia says they are Critically Endangered so having them as pets is kinda i think help keeping the species going. who knows maybe ill breed them eventually but right now i have no intention of doing such a thing. i will keep everyone updated on the little guy or girl. lol

Right now it has no color, but i heard it will start showing within the first year. I will post a photo of it and a video of feeding soon (not tonight) but soon. Thanks everyone feel free to comment or whatever, Any advice is welcome. This is after all my very first with keeping a spider other than george who we all know went terrible lol That Tarantula was super agressive i had to take it back to the store. But im trying again. No giving up this time! Especially since this spider costs $90 to $100~! 0_o

I have been afraid of spiders, (yup, i'm admitting it now) for some time. And the George incident didn't help at all, infact possibly made it worse haha BUT, i am very determined to get over this fear, and i will not let it get in the way of me taking care of the little thing... soon to be BIG thing. 0_o

Im dying in my 80 degree room you cold blooded's are killin meh. And i have fed the Tarantula everyday a single fairly small cricket. I read online that it's okay to feed them more when they are young helps them grow faster. I will look up more info shortly. maybe skip a day feeding i dont want to overdo it. And i hope it was wrong but it said the pokeys (p metallica) spiders bite is worse than a normal tarantula. I really wanna know if its true and why. I read online that these suckers get around 8 inches. Thats too big for my shoes! jk ! Just kidding ! =) <3<3<3 Thats big though. Im worried about its first molt, i am hoping all goes well, i watched wayyy too many horror videos on molts gone wrong, i don't want Blue to lose a leg or anything like that. 0_0

ALSO, i am going to start a Forum for Spiders. That way everyone can Discuss  it and i can get more info too =) i want to hear from all you experienced Arachnid hobbiests. =P

**Oh and i almost forgot, i would like to thank Mark, for buying me this beautifully creepy spider. lol** :P

UPDATE: Me and Mark went our seperate ways and sadly this beautiful spider went with him. I will miss the little spiderling. Im sure its grown to a beauty by now. if i get a picture of it grown up i promise i will post it for everyone. =)

Redslithers New Reptilian Member

Posted by REDSLITHER on January 15, 2015 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Please Welcome our Newest Member to the Site!

She is a beautiful Bumblebee Morph straight from Mike Wilbanks. to be exact.

Mike Wilbanks is definitley one of the more expensive vendors but as you can see his snakes are of top quality. I  bought her for $250.00 USD.

I haven't named her yet so everyone feel free to comment on idea's. I will post when i have made my choice.

Black Eyed Leucistic Ball Python

Posted by REDSLITHER on November 7, 2013 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)



His name. haha. This is a black eyed leucistic ball python morph. He is still a baby. born 2013. I ordered him online at Mike Wilbanks website Constrictors Unlimited. He is one of the few reputable people i know that sell them. And seeing as these particular morphs cost a fortune, it was a huge risk to take. But luckily for me, the site was legit. =] Everything went smoothly, they package and ship animals well and have a guaruntee on live arrival and even ship in the winter time with very few casualties.

Wyrm here is actually next in line to inherit the logo for Redslither. I am hopefully in a month going to buy the website name directly out and then release the new logo with Wyrm as our star. I am so excited! The only issue is i am wondering if is the correct host for us ya know? Not so sure this is where i want our permanent address to be. Plus i did kindof want to start the website over from scratch. Re design it, keep all the origional contect but just design it more to my own taste and stuff. per usual any idea's and comments are always welcomed. =]

Asian Water Monitors

Posted by REDSLITHER on May 20, 2011 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

OK, SO.... Asian Water Montiors..... That cute little lizard with a big curiousity that you see in a pet store swimming in his water bowl looking just way too cute and you buy him and its all good, but then you notice he eats all the crickets you give him, so you feed him more, and more, and hes eating like a starving pig, and hes crapping in his bowl every single day, then he shows you he knows a neat trick with his tail, now your getting whipped by a lizard like your his slave, cleaning his water bowl doing his bidding, and your granma who thought he was so cute comes over and points out your cutie pie has grown a lot in only 2 months, and after one year next thing you know you have a pet cat whos really your lizard , and you give him free riegn of some of the house, then your sisters asking you if youve seen her pet gerbil, then you find your moms minature poodle under the bed becoming cat food for your new DINOSAUR. Then all of a sudden you have this 7 foot lizard terrorizing the house chasing away new friends, and beating the hell out of you, and your bodys starting to look like a Cats Scratching post and  AND AND AND ....WHEW...... looks like you decieded not to buy that cute little lizard in the window of the pet store....

what happened? You say "oh , he was a $100 and i dont have a job." ......  Seriously, They can get out of control pretty fast. They take alot of handling. No they might NOT eat your dog.... although its a possibility they might kill it if its small. Yes, they cost alot of money, yeah i know there cool and cute but have you ever seen a growing monitor eat? That crap adds up. 12 crickets =$1...

he moves on the mice.. then your spending atleast $7 a week....

Rats.... wtf 20$ a week......

And thats not including all the other crap you have to do. Crickets for one need calcium powder on them...

I have a Asain water monitor, and yeah tht story was pretty everything that COULD go wrong. it might not. but it also Could. So THINK before you buy that cute little lizard (or any animal) that you know nothing about just becuase he can tilt his head and blink at you doesnt mean hes gonna be all rainbow and gumdrops. I WOULD KNOW! hahah xD mine is SOOOOOOOO cute. but thats not all there is to him. Personally i cant wait for him to grow up. i know it will be a challege, thus im looking for  better paying job. I have room and knowledge for my lizard.Now ask yourself DO YOU?

Ending on a good note, they have alot of personality, can be quit tame and cool with alot of work. If you do your homework right and treat him right the outcome will be good. =] hope i didnt scare anyone too bad HAH!

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