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Sword Art Online Anime Show

Posted by REDSLITHER on January 30, 2015 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (0)


Watch Swords Art Online Episodes Free Here (click)((English subbed))


This Japanese Anime is interesting, if you like video games and MMO's you'll probably appreciate this Anime. Basically this guy creates a virtual reality game where the players put on a helmet and are actually in the game. tons of people get it, but turns out the creator had ulterior motives. He made it to where once logged in the players could not log out, making them stuck in the game until they defeat it. All 100 And he made it so if they die in the game he kills them in reality. basically the helmet fries your brain and kills you if anyone removes it before you beat the game or if you die in game. Kirito is the main character he is pretty cool. Everyone fights with midevil weapons and such... no guns, and no magic. the game is called SAO.


One thing I do not like so far about this anime ( not including the fact that they don't have it in English) is that in some episodes it jumps a decent time span. The first time it happened I was confused. I though I somehow skipped an episode. For some reason or another the episodes aren't back to back exactly... some of them are in the future. I hope I am explaining this correctly. Basically episode 2 is obviously when Kirito is new or whatever, then episode 3 is 2 months later. some of the episodes are huge gaps. Atleast though it doesn't get boring. Kirito is in level 50 by episode 6. He goes back and forth between levels. Basically him and others are "in the front lines" trying to beat the game so everyone can escape.

Oddly enough I personally wouldn't mind being stuck in a game that's a MMO. lol I would be a beast tamer. ^-^ This reminds me of Ultima Online.

Im enjoying this so far. One other thing I notice is they don't spend enough time character developing. They keep it entertaining and eventful but between that and the time span jumping the creators failed to really develop characters.... the only character they kind of developed is Kirito. So far I barely know anything about him, im sure it will get better over time. im on episode 7. obviously im still watching and liking it so they didn't mess up too bad, it kinda works for them I guess. One thing I really like in this anime is how accurately MMO it is.... If you are a gamer you definitely will like this. =) Watch the first 4 episodes atleast before you decide whether or not you like it. Especially you gamers out there. One of my favorite episodes so far is Episode 6 where Kirito has to solve a mystery and Episode 4 where he meets a tamer. I always had a good tamer character when I played MMO's. hehe ^_^

Anyone feel free to add to or comment on this. Obviously please say spoiler alerts if you are gonna spoil stuff =P haha. some people get really upset/mad if you don't warn them of spoilers. And as always questions and requests are always welcome.



Posted by REDSLITHER on June 28, 2014 at 1:05 AM Comments comments (0)


I figured i would get started on this. Been meaning to for a while now. I started playing pokeMMO and havent played Dark Rising since to be honest. PokeMMO is way better. I have been getting on almost every day! =] its so awesome. its exactly what i wanted in a pokemon game and then some. The pokedex has never been so advanced in its life! The creators of pokemon need to take a hint and learn some lessons by following these guys. I think pokemon should have an Online game like this one where stuff is constantly added and changed. New regions and areas should always be added every so often. it would be so awesome. ANYWAYS, tons of PokeMMO stuff will be added on here. My characters name is.... you guessed it! REDSLITHER. Feel free to say hi to me in game. =] CYA!:)

Pokemon Hack Dark Rising

Posted by REDSLITHER on November 9, 2013 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (7)

Pokemon Hack Dark Rising

This game is available for FREE for your droid phone as well as computer. Keep in mind that on your phone you most likely cannot (i can't) Speed AKA there is no speed button.

A very interesting hack that allows you to choose from Dragon type starters:* Which are also randomized and the moves they start with can vary, i suggest restarting until you get desired outcome.

*Dratini (Dragon)

Moves:   Wrap, Leer (and if you're lucky it might have) , swift, whirlpool

Abilitys:  Shed Skin (Heals the body by shedding)

  (or)      None that i found. Let me know if i am wrong.

*Bagon (Dragon/Flying) ((Doesnt become flying until Salamence))

Moves:   Bite, Leer, Rage, Defense Curl

Abilitys:  Rock Head (prevents recoil damage)

     (or)   Also coundn't get anything to show besides Rock head

*Gible (Dragon/Ground)

Moves: tackle, Scary Face, Sand attack, Mud-Slap

Abilitys:  Rough Skin (hurts foe upon physical contact)

      (or)   Sand Veil  (ups evasion in a sand storm)


Wild Pokemon

Just to give you an idea of what it's like... Some of the wild pokemon you find are Cyndaquial (1% chance), ponyta, balbasaur, vulpix, starly, pidgy, blitzle, growlithe, cottonne, caterpie, munna (is given to you actually), Drilbur, houndour, spinarak, shroomish, abra, dweeble, you can buy a magickarp from a guy for $500, Torkal, Shelmet, and a bunch others. Odly enough this is all before getting the first gym badge. I will give you a short briefing on other kinds you find as i make it further in the game. So far i am really likeing Blitzle, Bagon, and Balbasuar (who's leech seed never ends now muahahaha). You can actually BUY fire stones in the poke mart. And there are rumors that you can find squirtle and stuff soon after the first badge.


Level : Kindof Hard =]

This game is actually kind of hard, You have to immedietly train if you want to beat your old teacher mrs. weatherbell, she has a roselia that kicks ass, and then to even proceed into the cave you must battle a boy who is also challenging. I wouldn't suggest trying to beat either of them until your starter is atleast level 13. NO LESS or you simply cannot win. Thiers are like level 15 i think. or something ridiculous like that. And you cannot catch wild pokemon until you have reached the next town (after the cave and delivering package of course) And you have to make it through the twisted woods. Make sure you get other pokemon and train asap because you're going to need a decent team, dragon or not your starter will need help.


Storyline / Scenery

So far i am enjoying the storyline. Your out to save your father from whatever Darugis is... lol. idk yet. And the 3 legendary pokemon Tornadus, thundorus, etc. are bad and rampaging the land. There is some cool weather changes in the game. The scenery is pretty cool and different. You meet a few new characters, and interestingly enough you're character talks. which personally i have never liked that in pokemon your character never speaks. You find out that supposedly only your dad is strong enough to stop this powerful Darugis. Something about releasing Arceus from its chambers. I don't know, but i heard there's already a sequal. And that it's possibly got X and Y pokemon in it. I will leave you with this for now. Until later. =]

pokemon X and Y Charizard

Posted by REDSLITHER on November 7, 2013 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)


Charizard has always been one of the favorite and most popularized pokemon in the series. Not as much as pikachu per say but he has been brought back in games, the anime series, and made into toys, etc. Where as his supposedly equal starter counter parts did not remake an appearence with Ash. What even happened to ash's balbasuar and squirtle i wonder? why couldnt they evolve like charmader had? Pick of the litter kids.

Anyways charizard is back again and this time he's got something new up his sleeve!

Mega Evolution!

Charizard Y (left) and Charizard X (right)

Charizard X (the black one) actually changes to Dragon type when he mega evolves so Don't mega evolve him when he is fighting a fairy type pokemon! You will quickly regret it. However a strange fact i discovered is that when Charizard X mega evolves his attack and defence raise more, he is actually physical based as X. Where as Charizard Y has a speed boost and special attack bump to pump up his fire type moves, throw a flame plate or something on him and you've got some powerfully dangerous special attacks. Because charizard was already special based before the mega evolution. So technically the Charizard Y is more powerful than X, but X looks cooler and has a type change. So it's a big trade off that takes some thinking over to deciede. I myself chose the X. (not that you have any choice in the matter) the games go by what version you chose. So if you chose pokemon X you're stuck with all the pokemon X Mega stones. and so on so forth. Pokemon X exclusives such as aggron however for some reason or another the Y version receives his stone while you're stuck with Y's exclusive Tyrantiar mega stone. talk about rotten luck! I would much rather have a tyranitar. SO basically you would have to trade to get him.

Charizard X featured in the new movie. That is currently only avaiable in Japan. Idk what will become of it. Pokemon Origions i think its called.

Here is a video i found. For a Fight (WIFI BATTLE) between Charizard X and Y.

I forgot to mention earlier that charizard y ALSO has the ability Drought which even MORE SO powers up his fire moves. SO, with that said, you couldn't possibly find a more powerful fire blast than on charizard Y. Which actually is really making me want one.... haha maybe soon.

Anyways this video is more than just them two fighting, and does have curse words. Note that the person using charizard X used strategy, so just becuase Y lost here doesn't mean X is better. Hopefully people will be posting more video's of the two, if not i shall try and concoct my own. =]

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Feel free to comment and add your opinions or whatever on Charizard below. Just a little something i wanted to add. I might add more to this post as i go along. I am sure i will find more. =]

Pokemon X & Y Legendary Pokemon

Posted by REDSLITHER on April 8, 2013 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Expected Release date : OCTOBER ((WORLDWIDE))

Pokemon X and Y get a little corny with their legendary pokemon who actually are shaped like the letters! I was also extremely dissapointed to find that pokemon X is ANOTHER BIRD LEGENDARY. >=( really pokemon creators? Really? Super uncool. I am not impressed with either of them. Another deer resembling pokemon for Y. No thier names are not literally X and Y. I feel like every new generation is a downgrade for Legendaries. But that's just me. Feel free to comment everyone, we would like to hear what you think.

SO here they ARE!!!

pokemon x and Y & new Eevee?...

Posted by REDSLITHER on March 29, 2013 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (0)

New stuff again it seems. And new pokemon at that. Expected to be released worldwide in October 2013. Thats right, no more Japan getting it way early. I personally am excited to see what pokemon is gonna bring to the table this time. Not Psyched about the starters that look EH to me.

Here they are...


Im choosing the fire fox. Fire has always been my favorite starter and the fox is the cutest of the bunch. I have never liked frog pokemon nor do i think they should have made ANOTHER frog pokemon *sigh* and the weasel looking thing? idk.... it is kind of cute i guess, but i forsee it's evolutions looking gay as hell..... a buffed up chipmunk? EW lol.

New Eevee


UNKNOWN TYPE as of now. I cant wait to hear what it is. 

OK? I am not so sure how i feel about the new Eevee's looks. But then again they havent let out a bad Eevee yet... yet...... lol we shall see. Anyways, here are some pictures and info i found on the web of them, none of them are my own.

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