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Random. What makes a book a movie?

Posted by REDSLITHER on January 30, 2014 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Listening to Wild Magic by Tamora Peirce. Enjoying a Green Tea like i used to.  It's cute. I read it long ago but i wanted to do so again. I keep prooving my point. Books that are written in 3rd person never get to be a movie. Tons of people requested this book be a movie... however i think something about 3rd person keeps them in book form. Same thing goes for Valiant. A great third person book that should have became a movie but didnt.  think about it. Twilight was first person. Catching Fire was first person. The only third person things to hit the big screen is anime. mostly things like disney movies and pokemon. But those are entirely different.

I am still doing research on it. So far my theorys been correct. I will continue to make a list of movies that came from a book and what person they were in. Anyone is free to add what they found.

pokemon X and Y Charizard

Posted by REDSLITHER on November 7, 2013 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (0)


Charizard has always been one of the favorite and most popularized pokemon in the series. Not as much as pikachu per say but he has been brought back in games, the anime series, and made into toys, etc. Where as his supposedly equal starter counter parts did not remake an appearence with Ash. What even happened to ash's balbasuar and squirtle i wonder? why couldnt they evolve like charmader had? Pick of the litter kids.

Anyways charizard is back again and this time he's got something new up his sleeve!

Mega Evolution!

Charizard Y (left) and Charizard X (right)

Charizard X (the black one) actually changes to Dragon type when he mega evolves so Don't mega evolve him when he is fighting a fairy type pokemon! You will quickly regret it. However a strange fact i discovered is that when Charizard X mega evolves his attack and defence raise more, he is actually physical based as X. Where as Charizard Y has a speed boost and special attack bump to pump up his fire type moves, throw a flame plate or something on him and you've got some powerfully dangerous special attacks. Because charizard was already special based before the mega evolution. So technically the Charizard Y is more powerful than X, but X looks cooler and has a type change. So it's a big trade off that takes some thinking over to deciede. I myself chose the X. (not that you have any choice in the matter) the games go by what version you chose. So if you chose pokemon X you're stuck with all the pokemon X Mega stones. and so on so forth. Pokemon X exclusives such as aggron however for some reason or another the Y version receives his stone while you're stuck with Y's exclusive Tyrantiar mega stone. talk about rotten luck! I would much rather have a tyranitar. SO basically you would have to trade to get him.

Charizard X featured in the new movie. That is currently only avaiable in Japan. Idk what will become of it. Pokemon Origions i think its called.

Here is a video i found. For a Fight (WIFI BATTLE) between Charizard X and Y.

I forgot to mention earlier that charizard y ALSO has the ability Drought which even MORE SO powers up his fire moves. SO, with that said, you couldn't possibly find a more powerful fire blast than on charizard Y. Which actually is really making me want one.... haha maybe soon.

Anyways this video is more than just them two fighting, and does have curse words. Note that the person using charizard X used strategy, so just becuase Y lost here doesn't mean X is better. Hopefully people will be posting more video's of the two, if not i shall try and concoct my own. =]

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Feel free to comment and add your opinions or whatever on Charizard below. Just a little something i wanted to add. I might add more to this post as i go along. I am sure i will find more. =]

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