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My new Kitty (Leo?)=]

Posted by REDSLITHER on May 23, 2014 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)

For some reason or another cats think that we like them to lick us with their freaking Sand paper tounge. Their kisses are painful! lol I feel like he's trying to lick my skin off ! eek!

I dont know what kind of cat he is, the father is unknown. He is Adorable.

Cats are fairly easy to train per say. Alot of times the cats personality is a reflection of its owner. Prime example, my sisters cat she raised was annoying. haha . And my cat i raised was super loveing and chill. =] (this of course was years ago). Our mother had to get rid of them.

Now i got myself another kitty to love and raise. SO far it's going well, he is super energetic and a little bit wild from where he came from but hes grown attached and is becoming quit affectionate.

ALL you gotta do is spend alot of time with them, avoid rough housing, NEVER play with a cat using your hands or body parts (when you do that then they will always see you as a play thing and may just randomly bite, scratch or rough play you) Always discourage biteing, scratching, etc. avoid and ignore them when they do these things, they will eventually get the hint. The key to it mostly is patience, this process takes time. Always be kind and loving to the cat, its best to start young. Another thing, i have never been able to tame a outside cat. I never let my cat outside, in fact i mostly keep it in one room - my own. They tend to be less wild acting when they have smaller living spaces by what i have seen. Even when they resist the love you want to be a little forcefull with it - they will eventually get used to it and adopt it as a personality trait of their own.  Now if they're freaking out you dont want to force it. But if its only small resist push it as nicely and gently as possible.

I will post some images of him on here tommorrow and keep everyone updated with my progress. My biggest issue at the moment is Leo's night terrors. He stays up all night running around and terrorizing us sleeping folk haha. I have been losing sleep over it.

He LOVES the computer, lol here he comes, he see's me typing. Idk why but he loves pushing buttons and watching me on the computer. He somehow manages to keep hitting the play button which automatically plays itunes. haha

BTW i havent exactly fully decieded on the name . i just got him 4 days ago. He is a Grey kitten with green eyes. Here are my name idea's:


Bleu (blue)


Let me know what you think =] I will add the pics tommorrow.

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