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Pokemon Sun and Moon Game

Posted by REDSLITHER on November 23, 2016 at 3:10 AM Comments comments (0)


Has finally arrived! I know i am very late on posting, i have been caught up in playing, reading and work. lol 

i'm still on the first island but i like it so far. I have spent insane time trying to obtain pokemon and deciede who is on my team or rather who will be. with lots to pick from it hasnt been easy! especially since im really trying to use Alolan pokemon only because i havent experienced them yet.

I have Moon and my brother has Sun. some of my favorite pokemon so far are Cutiefly whom i obtained a shiny by random! best ever! and Vulpix. She is amazing i love her new form! And raticate is doing very good in his new form. Rockruff is SO CUTE!! and his forms are awesome! Liligant may have a spot on my team too. And of course my starter poplio. haters gonna hate i know. 

I was extremely dissapointed to discover that vulpix and sandshrews alolan forms arent obtainable until basically end game, which i was looking forward to them the most.... however my brother already beat the game in 3 days no less! he bred one real quick for me =). Jolt my Grubbin may stay. hes ok. his final form i heard was very good. ive been eatin rootbeer float yogurts lol theyre amazing! while playing pokemon. wonder trading a whole lot. problem is  ...... i forgot what i was gonna say! lol hahaha wow. i m super tired i suppose. it's like 4am here and i havent slept a wink! i will add more info as i go. =)

Oh and i really really LOVE that there are NO HMS! finally. i always hated trying to balance out moves with necessary . they provide you with rides/mounts that you can use anytime that cannot battle tho. still theyre great!

Minecraft The truth about the Enderman

Posted by REDSLITHER on September 17, 2015 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)
So... I play minecraft on Xbox one and just recently discovered that there isn't just one enderman... in fact I made it to level 30 and had diamond armor when upon traveling the sand area I actually came across 3 enderman hanging out. I'm assuming they were hanging out since they were in a circle close to one another. One had a block in its hands. Of course it was too late.. I was so shocked from seeing a group of enderman that I didn't look away quick enough and I dunno about you all but I can barely handle one by myself let alone 3. Lol I had two dogs with me but my health wasn't full to begin with so they kicked my butt and killed both me and my dogs. So that's my tip of the day to all you Minecrafters out there always travel at full health and expect the worse. I don't know how to really tell you to be prepared for 3 enderman or more but .... yeah... don't stare like a gaping idiot like me I suppose haha.


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If you are a MAC user like me you probably get frustrated trying to download roms only to discover theyre a IPS file only or something. And as most are aware MAC doesnt have LUNAR IPS for patching... or rather isnt compatible. Well, here is a solution.

Read it before doing anything please. Version 1.4 of the patcher  Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later. Under that they provide older versions if you need it.

Dont know your version? On the top left corner of your screen you should see the Apple Icon... Click it, there should be a "About this mac" click that and it opens up the MAC OS X and the version should be right under that. I am using Version 10.6.8 so in my case the Multipatch version i would use is Version 1.3 64 bit. Just hit the Blue download Link and unzip the file.

Click the white link below to download the Multipatch tool MAC OS X USERS ONLY.


1) Always download your Patching tool and your "clean" Rom first. (Assuming you already have a Emulator. In my case i use either Visual boy advance or John Gba. )

In my example im gonna do the pokemon Hack DARK RISING, which is a FIRE RED rom base. A "clean rom" is just a copy of the game that has not been changed in any way. Search on your browser for pokemon fire red rom and download it, you should get a file that ends in a ".gba" for this particular game. is usually a good site to download from, however for Fire red Nintendo made them remove it.

NOTE: I use ZIPEG to unzip files. You will need something like that for alot of files.Zipeg opens stuff automatically and you choose where to extract it to.

2) Download your IPS file. For the hack game Pokemon Dark Rising 1 download here at the bottom of the page is a Orange button that says Download Patch, should start automatically. when its done make sure its a ".ips" file in the folder. Me personally i like to make two copys of a rom. i rename one to "clean copy FireRed" incase anything happens.

3) Open your patching tool (in my case its the "") For windows Users its the Lunar Ips tool.

For a box opens (its VERY simple to use) after double clicking it.

(its easier to put all roms and IPS files in one folder.)

( users )

Location of patch file is the IPS file. Browse and select the Dark Rising.IPS file.

Location of file to patch is the FireRed.gba file you downloaded and want to patch on., make sure to save a copy you wont edit in case you somehow mess it up. Patching is essentially combining into one ".gba" file/rom once combined you cant unpatch.... so dont do this to your only fire red rom if you ever want to play fire red normally again.

Save patch File = when you hit browse it asks what you want to rename it to. For this particular game we are gonna go with "PokemonDarkRising1 FireRed" That way you will always know exactly what game it is and what ROM BASE it is (firered).

A new .GBA rom should appear where you saved it to with the new name you chose. hit the red X button on the multipatch tool and open up your gameboy advance emulator to test it out make sure it works.

NOTE: Once the file is patched to a .GBA file it should work on ALL computers (windows AND MAC) and even Android phones. I use mine on my samsung galaxy S4.


Remember ROMS are not for RESALE that is illegal, do not make copys to sell, etc.

I personally Own a real copy of Pokemon FireRed and all roms that i download. I also do not claim any of the roms mentioned in this post as my own. Thanks for your support everyone hope this helped you! Any questions or comments are always welcomed. And thanks DarkRisingGirl for the awesome hacks. =]

PS: i will eventually make a blog or Forum that has links to download all pokemon hacks.


Pokemon Dark Rising Website :


JOHN GBA (Android Emulator) :" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

A Site that Lists Pokemon Hack roms w/ Links :

Pokemon Old White hack by Foullump(patched)

Posted by REDSLITHER on March 2, 2015 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)


Patched and edited by Foullump (i asssume since it says that)

Im adding my own opinions of the game as well as quick facts for those considering downloading it and Helpful walkthrough / pokemon location stuff since its lacking a map and guide.

Origionally this hack was incomplete, a quick search revealed no one really has much info outside of the West Acedemy.

Some things i noticed right off the bat about this particular hack was that You can choose from 9 starters: charmander, balbasuar, squirtle, chickorita, totodile, cyndiquail, torchic, treecko, and mudkip.

Another thing is that you dont receive a town map in the beginning.

Another thing (that i actually liked) is that the pokemon have been changed, their attacks and stuff are not what you would expect. Totodile for example starts off with Aqua Ring, also some of the attacks dont do what they used to such as tail whip now does 40 damage. And Abra does not start of with teleport but rather Hidden Power. And of course the starters learn their elemental moves at level 6 and 7 AKA Ember, water gun, etc.

This hack also happens to be fairly hard and lacking (so far) in gyms. After recieving your starter you battle people in the academy which consists of every starter pokemon you did not choose as well as gary who has Eevee. There is a gym looking place you fight but do not receive a badge for too.

The trainers and pokemon are high levels so you have to constantly grind to keep up.... And there is a serious lack of places to heal in....Its deffinitly a challenging hack if you dont train ALOT.

The story was pretty good at first, theres nothing i love more than a great new story by people making their own hacks. If i wanted to play another re run of the origionals i wouldnt download hacks right?

Once you leave the academy the story kindof dissapears up until you run into team aqua which is next to nothing. Theres alot more routes and caves then there are towns, which is fine except for the fact that theres no where to heal your pokemon.... and not much opportunities to buy items, So the routes to me so far look a bit repetitive ... which is kinda boring me.... theyre all grass and bridges and caves so far. ALSO the marts sell berrys too, i like that added feature alot.

This game consists of a mixture of the 3 gens ive seen of so far. And despite me being in the 20's Level wise now i have yet to come across a gym.... I am currently in seaside village, and seaside cave has level 15-18 wild pokemon... after very much grinding my pokemon are all level 22. That gives you an idea of how the wild pokemon are keeping up with you making the game difficult.

you can find treecko, pikachu,and  pichu,  in the wild  ROUTE 73 by ROUTE 71 and the forest.

ROUTE 71 is just one giant beach with square grass patches filled with Ralts, Abra, volbeat, Squirtle, teddiursa, pidgey, etc.

Off beach is pidgey, skitty, teddiursa, pidgeotto, abra, etc.

Heading south down ROUTE 71 is a random pokemon center which at that point youll probably need if you didnt pick up some repels in seashore (seaside?) town or whatever it was called.

SO basically its one giant circle. passing the pokemon center you come to a cross roads and annoyingly realize your back at the academy pretty much except this time you may now go to Sol CIty (NORTH).

Im going to stop here at this point unless you guys actually want me to help guide you through this and keep record of the wild pokemon.

Keep in mind that you can eventually catch most of the starters.... Especially DONT DONT DONT pick Treecko or Squirtle...... You can catch them at almost the very begining of the game i told you where exactly to catch them earlier if you were reading the route info i put up.

ALso again remember ive never finished the hack..... so i dont know if the story is finished etc.

watch what you download there are a few versions of this out there so look for the complete one or if you want exactly what i got go with FOULLUMPs.

Inotia 4

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INOTIA 4 is an RPG game, single player, in game purchases can be made but are not needed. In this particular Inotia you are playing as the main character Kiyan, in the begining you get to choose what class he will be and then you continue his story. I wont go into the story because of spoilers. INOTIA 4 is available on Iphone/Ipod as well as all android devices.

FACT! : its almost impossible to beat the final boss without an Assasin that knows the Whist ability, so early on in the game i highly suggest either starting with an Assasin or getting one with an emblem.

FACT : Another notable fact is that the Warlock is by far the most difficult to beat the game with.

Although he is powerful, he cannot take hits very well, and its a FACT that bosses and monsters almost always target YOU over your comrads. So your character MUST be able to take hits.

TIP: Have a Preist as an ally if you dont want to purchase heals. Set the heal ability to "HIGH" to have a constant healer. AND if you find a preist with the special ability _____ it takes 2% off the price of items at merchants. Therefore the priest can save you gold in multiple ways.

TIP:  Often when exploring you will notice when you have two followers they sometimes get in your way or dont even get to hit the enemy before you finish killing it in the case of black nights, warriors or assasins.

TIP: Keep in mind if all 3 of your people are physical they will constantly be trying to get around one another to attack the enemy. I suggest atleast one long range person in your party.

FACT: Mercenary skills apply to all party mercenaries. Check all mercenaries skills before you delete a mercenary!!

Stats – "Stats can be a little misleading and vary slightly between classes (Example: putting points in STR for a Priest does not raise attack damage with a weapon). Assassins have the highest possible DPS with normal attacks because they gain more attack damage from stats." - Inotia Wiki

FACT! Ranged classes strike when you first attack an enemy. They also do more consistent damage to bosses when running.

HINT: "The Tier 2 Warlock skill Blood Cures makes it very easy to kill enemy and boss melee attackers without being hit by running."

Lamps – "It always a good idea to keep a few lamps in your inventory. There a great way to sell items when your inventory is full and your far from a store. If you only use one when your inventory is full you should have to buy any, plus you can buy jewels and some good equipment once in awhile. Save before using a lamp and you can re-roll it if you don’t like what the stores selling. Just exit without saving and use the same lamp again."

Fusion MachinesIt is a good idea to try and purchase a few items from Fusion Machines with your weakest jewels. They have some of the best equipment in the game. I would recommend daggers for there high DPS. You can check out this Fusion Machine Guide for more info on locations, acquiring ingredients, and unique items.

Here is a Stats frame link from the wiki to better help you understand." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Here is a run down for all the characters you can pick from. hope this helps you decide! Please note that "weapons" refer to what weapons they are allowed to weild - not what is necessarily recommended. Also each mercenary has 2 possible mercenary skills they could have as well as random skills they come with.


Warlock they can attack from far away and cast useful spells downside- low defence and skills only increase SELF damage not other party members. great attack speed.

Weapons: Orb, and Staff

Notable Skills: Hells Pawn (summons a ghost that helps you fight) Mages Claw (pawn of hells attack recovers the warlocks MP.)

Notable Mercenary skill: Paper Collector (3% increase of item drop rate for scroll types of items.) OR Skilled Cloth Armor (3% increase of magic damage when wearing cloth clothing)

Ranger (they can shoot from afar ) (downside - low defence and not so high damage ) Spirit of Nature skill that can help Warrior in skill spamming

Weapons: Bow and Crossbow

Notable Skills: Spiritual Arrow (attack that absorbs enemy mana) Spirit of Nature (restore party hp & increase hp and mp recovery chances)

Notable Mercenary skill: Deadly Attack (5% enhancement of critical damage) OR Bow Vengance (3% increase of 'physical damage' when bow is used.)

Priest (can Heal party members as well as excellent defense)

Weapons: Mace, dagger,

Notable Skills: Prayer of Recovery (heals one party members HP)

Notable Mercenary Skill: Overcharge (item price decrease by 2% ) OR Celebrity (Increases rare mercenary chance when recruiting mercenaries)

Warrior  you got a Blood Thirst skill that is able to regenerates your MP quickly. As it also can support team with the 2 stunning skill. short range attack only. Can dual weild weapons.

Weapons: Dagger, two handed swords, longsword

Notable Skills:

Notable Mercenary skill: Digestion Enhancement (potion cooldown time is reduced by 3 seconds)

Assasin short range only. high damage skills. Increase DEX for fast attacks. high DPS. Can Dual Weild weapons.

Weapons: Dagger and Longsword

Notable Skills: Whist (temporary invisibility) Poison Touch (adds poison to own weapon) Spiritual Blade (Mana recovers when attacking enemy)

Notable Mercenary skill: Treasure Hunter (Increase of getting better items when opening a regular box.) Vital Point Attack (3% chance to stun for 1 second when critical.)

Black Night excellent defense. Several defense increasing skills. excellent tanker. Short range only unless useing certain skill.

Weapons: Longsword and Two handed Swords

Notable Mercenary Skill: Skilled Metal Armor (10% increase in defense when wearing metal armor)

Notable Skills: Phantom Clash (long range skill, reduces enemy defense) Guardians of Darkness (increases Defense and Shield Defense for party members)

Right now this is a Incomplete Blog, i will update it as i go, so every day there will be something new!

Questions, comments, Requests, etc. are always welcome!

Sword Art Online Anime Show

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Watch Swords Art Online Episodes Free Here (click)((English subbed))


This Japanese Anime is interesting, if you like video games and MMO's you'll probably appreciate this Anime. Basically this guy creates a virtual reality game where the players put on a helmet and are actually in the game. tons of people get it, but turns out the creator had ulterior motives. He made it to where once logged in the players could not log out, making them stuck in the game until they defeat it. All 100 And he made it so if they die in the game he kills them in reality. basically the helmet fries your brain and kills you if anyone removes it before you beat the game or if you die in game. Kirito is the main character he is pretty cool. Everyone fights with midevil weapons and such... no guns, and no magic. the game is called SAO.


One thing I do not like so far about this anime ( not including the fact that they don't have it in English) is that in some episodes it jumps a decent time span. The first time it happened I was confused. I though I somehow skipped an episode. For some reason or another the episodes aren't back to back exactly... some of them are in the future. I hope I am explaining this correctly. Basically episode 2 is obviously when Kirito is new or whatever, then episode 3 is 2 months later. some of the episodes are huge gaps. Atleast though it doesn't get boring. Kirito is in level 50 by episode 6. He goes back and forth between levels. Basically him and others are "in the front lines" trying to beat the game so everyone can escape.

Oddly enough I personally wouldn't mind being stuck in a game that's a MMO. lol I would be a beast tamer. ^-^ This reminds me of Ultima Online.

Im enjoying this so far. One other thing I notice is they don't spend enough time character developing. They keep it entertaining and eventful but between that and the time span jumping the creators failed to really develop characters.... the only character they kind of developed is Kirito. So far I barely know anything about him, im sure it will get better over time. im on episode 7. obviously im still watching and liking it so they didn't mess up too bad, it kinda works for them I guess. One thing I really like in this anime is how accurately MMO it is.... If you are a gamer you definitely will like this. =) Watch the first 4 episodes atleast before you decide whether or not you like it. Especially you gamers out there. One of my favorite episodes so far is Episode 6 where Kirito has to solve a mystery and Episode 4 where he meets a tamer. I always had a good tamer character when I played MMO's. hehe ^_^

Anyone feel free to add to or comment on this. Obviously please say spoiler alerts if you are gonna spoil stuff =P haha. some people get really upset/mad if you don't warn them of spoilers. And as always questions and requests are always welcome.


The World of Magic Game BASIC GUIDE

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*Please note this is NOT a walkthrough, its a guide for people new to the game. A walkthrough would be extremley large and extensive not to mention hard so dont ask for one. lol*

Yes we are talking the MMO/RPG cell phone game. So far i have enjoyed it. Unfortunetly for those of you that are new to the game there is basically no guide or anything you have to figure it all out on your own. The tutorial only teaches you some extreme basic stuff which (lets face it) covers stuff we could have figured out on our own. i actually plan on helping you guys with what i have learned so far. but first lets cover some more of the game shall we?

You can see other people! This is one of the main hangout area's.

Despite the file for this game being small it has alot of stuff to do in it.

Recommended WIFI connection when playing this game. i use a Samsung Galaxy S4 and it works fine.

Yes the customization IS limited but it does in fact exist! Once in the game there are more ways to customize your characters such as hair dye and hats, etc.

Here is an idea of the menu screen, or rather your character screen/bag.

Please note that all these images are ones i just pulled off the internet. They are accurate representations of the game but are not  mine however.

The game has PVP And Dungeons. It also participates in holidays and always changes the animals you can get. =] (pets)



Some things to know?

They dont tell you what level anything is. Levels for some reason are not publicly displayed in the game you have to hunt for them. So be careful what weak looking monster you challenge you might end up surprised to find that the little red crab is stronger than the pink blob monster. lol (me)

The red crabs are in fact not recommended for people under level 10 to fight. just saying.

Why do people have red , black, purple, or white names????

Red names means they have a lot of fame (aka they killed alot of people and are probably strong) theyre top dog.

second in fame levels would  be the purple names. they also killed people.

3rd would be black names. they aren't up their with red but theyre just as ambitious as purple. haha

white names are the regular guys. they probably havent killed anyone and you can gurantee all noobs will have white names. just kidding, if you dont PVP you will have a white name. Period.

***When you first log in for the day you gain a 25% bonus experience for a limited time. Utilize it!!! Start your training as soon as you log in and save everything else for later.****

If you ever come across a pirate coin never sell them. Head over to the beach area where a guy named Rafil will exchange the coins for experience points. useful for leveling up faster. (i sold mine then later realized why everyone was buying them).

After a while of fighting those pink blob mosnters (koii) you will start to notice you are no longer gaining any experience at ALL! why?? Because thats just how it is unfortunetly. There are plenty of guides for what monsters you should fight and i highly reccommend you follow them or you will be training for a very long time. here is an example....


You have 3 classes to choose from and one chance to deciede your stats that will make or break your character. Obviously Warriors your best bet is choosing high Str and CON. CON is your health and health regeneration rate. STR obviously is strength. MAGES your best choice would to be add to INT(intelligence) and WISDOM. Wisdom affects your mana which mages will need alot of. never neglect wisdom or intelligence. Also a little towards CON wouldnt hurt. Archer, youll need Dexterity, and CON are the only two things you will ever need. DEX affects your hitrate and accuracy so it should be top priority in my book archers. For a more Detailed explanation of the stats please visit this link :  WIKI WORLD OF MAGIC.

I pulled this info from the Wiki and also tested it out. its very much correct.


Level 1-4: Kooii & Bramble Donguri: These are located right outside of town, in either Woody-Weedy Forest or Woody-Wordy Forest depending on your faction. These monsters won't attack you unless you attack them first. Kooii-Doll


Level 3-6: Leaf Boar and Angry Leaf Boar: These are at the southern part of the Woody-Weedy Forest/Woody-Wordy Forest. They are aggressive, faster and stronger than the Kooii, so be careful. Also, be sure to run away if you see Bulldozer, and definitely if you see Bulldozer's Brother. You may be able to kill Bulldozer Jr. They give a nice Canine Ring. Leaf-Boar


Level 6-7: Flower Elemental: These are flower-like monsters who will not attack you unless you attack them. They can't move around so you have the advantage of escaping them when your HP is low. They are ranged attackers. They also give you some pretty good drops such as Old Feathers, Double Shot III, Wooden Staffs, Blunt Swords, and enchantment scrolls. Flower-Elemental


Level 7-8: Swamp Mushrooms and Swamp Boars: Swamp Mushrooms are fast and give nice drops such as Vol. III Skill Books and Small Treasure Boxes. They’re found at the northern part of Mushroom Marshland. Swamp Boars are a level higher than Swamp Mushrooms, and are located at the center of the Mushroom Marshland. Swamp-Mushroom


Level 8-10: Swamp Spiders, Poisonous Spiders, White Spiders: White spiders do lots of damage. These spiders are pretty good for leveling from 8 to 9, and give some good drops for trading quests such as damaged pamphlets and old feathers. Swamp-Spider


Level 9-11: Red Crabs: Red crabs are good for leveling from 9 to 11. They give nice equips, but have low drop rates (like lvl 12 Mittens). They also drop Pirate Coins which can be traded in for 300 EXP and some Gold, after lvl 11. Watch out for Woopas / Roopas when hunting these as they will attack if you get too close. I don't recommend crabs for level 9 warriors, unless you have at least 15 armour. Red-Crab


Level 11-12: Sandmen: Sandmen give good experience from level 11 to 12. You can also train here at level 10, but they are a bit harder to fight. They drop Pirate Coins and occasionally Mystic Stones and Red Coral. Pirate-Coin-New


Level 13-15: Roopas and Woopas, Continent Bulldozers, & Crows/Fox, & Mature Fox: Roopa and Woopa are the hardest unnamed monsters on the beginner’s island. These fish are hard, fast, and can attack in huge groups. Continent Bulldozers are found in Lanos plains/Foxes are found in the Forest of Grave. When you reach level 14, kill Crows/Mature foxes.

After this point you should have been playing the game long enough to have figured it out.


Another fun fact i discovered is dont start quests unless you intend to finish them. Almost every quest involves quest items that are soulbound which means that you are stuck with them till you complete the quest. Of course you could throw them away but who knows what would happen then. I accepted so many quests at one time that after while a forgot what i was even supposed to do.... the game doesnt have any reminders or maps that tell you exactly where to go. half the time the person gives you a hint on were to look but after that your on your own. SOOOooo with that being said i recommend you stay ontop of the quests you accept or you might end up like me. Completly lost as to what to do and no idea what item goes to what. etc. what a mess. Sometimes though quests may be important for exploring or progressing. for example the pirate ship and the lighthouse you cant go in without special items from questing.

Also people will buy items from the traders for their quests so always sell items you arent using on the traders. money doesnt come by so easily and stuff here is super expensive.


Only premium members can sell their itemd to the traders in town. which is useful so i highly reccommend becoming a premium member. Premium membership is gained by buying a premium member ticket. there are only two ways to get this right now. One is through the black trader for around 200k gold. and the other is through paying real world money (irl) to get the starter box set which costs platinum about 2000 (it's $5.00 for 500 platinumm just about.) sooooooo you get the drift? The tickets use to be sold seperatly but i have not seen them sold seperatly in a while. My character was made premium back when it was cheaper thankfully. you can buy all kinds of stuff with platinum, nothing more worth it than membership though. Also this is where you buy pet eggs. the pets are cute and super useful.


Most of the people in this game are in guilds. It's more fun to play with friends. So you have guild list and a friends list. You can make your own guild if you are willing to pay for it. I know you can buy a guild creator thing in the Platinum Shop for real world money. I recommend just joining a guild. I am in Valkrie. They're always accepting new members because i am actually the guild leader. Funny story that is. I only became the guild leader by default because the guild leader was quitting and then some people left the guild. Turns out the Leader forgot to make more guild officers which ironically left me and the person who quit as officers which by default made me the new leader. I was going to disban the guild but decieded i was going to try to revive it instead. I hope to someday make Valkrie a top guild. =] Anyone is welcome to join me i get on all the time. or you can add me as a friend if you wish.

SERVERS / Factions

The first two things the game asks you is which server do you want to play on? Thers a list. I always play on BIGMAMA.

Note: Servers cannot interact. Once you put a char on a server thats it. There are items for shouting across servers or whatever but its not really worth it.

Then you choose a side or faction. LANOS OR SIRAS aka BLUE OR RED

Lanos is whom i always choose, idk why i just feel like they are the good guys lol. but be warned Lanos and Siras are enemies if you will. They cannot join each others guilds or anything nor can they even speak to one another. They often fight and have wars/ battles. I usually stay out of those. haha

Another thing they dont warn you about in the game is that the NPC's of the factions will kill you on sight. So if you are a SIRAS member and you happen to see a Mercenary with blonde hair NPC he will kill you if you get too close. Black Knights will kill LANOS people. Go with the side your friends are on otherwise you wont really get to see them unless its a fight. lol

ALso dont forget to double check wether or not you are walking into a PVP area because the other faction will be there waiting to kill you basically. lol AKA the beach. I die from SIRAS people alot on the beach, its always a war zone out there so once you are level 10-15 and you're heading to the beach for training watch your back and health. Sometimes people can be jerks and hit you while your fighting a monster. it happens. Overall i like the game though.


Don't panic. You didn't lose anything. You don't item drop when you die. HOWEVER YOU DO LOSE EXPERIENCE. So don't be afraid to run away when the going gets tuff. You also lose FAME when you die. so people with names colored other than white will lose fame points and maybe go down a color. There are items to prevent you from losing experience such as the Guardianship of Siras and Protection of Lanos that you can buy from traders and such. ALSO, when your about to die make note of your coordinates if you need to get back to that spot. I would buy up on some ressurection items that allow you to respawn right where you died, otherwise youll get sent back to the rebirth location which is a different spot depending on the area you are in or the village which is the spot you chose to always respawn at. Note there is also a Teleporter in the main Village by the traders if you need to travel fast. He cost 440 gold per trip and Teleports you One way.

Please note that the Crimsonsabre Merchant will sell you the protection of Lanos fairly cheap my fellow Lanos People.


Thid probably confuses people alot.  so pay attention.

Each class (mage, archer, and warrior) have their own set of skills that only they can use. All skills start at 0 and go by levels 1- 4. Each time you level up you earn a skill point. you need skill points to use a skill yes, however there is one other thing you must get before you can actually use that skill point towards a skill. They are called books and they go by Skill name and Volume. They can be obtained by monster drops, buying them for gold from readers in villages, or buying from a trader or another player. The higher level the Volume the more it will cost. So for example lets say i turn level 2, i have one skill point and i want the skill Flame Shock Volume 1. I goto Reader LAl whom sells the volume 1 book for 606gold. You then miust Consume the book by double clicking it.Once you do that you will notice under your skills menu( the little fire ball) that one of your boxes by that skill is black. That means you can now use a skill point in that section. THEN you would click it to apply the skkill point.

The general rule for books is All mage books are Brown. Blue books are for Warriors and Greenbooks are for Archers. 

Dont bother keeping any books that are not your class type, you cant use them. I would advise you sell them to people in the Traders. Check the going rate in the traders before putting it for sale. be reasonable, match or do better then the lowest priced person and you will always get the sales.

**NOTE ABOUT TRADERS:: They charge you commission, meaning they get a percentage of the total sale price of the item you are selling through them. So keep that in mind when selling stuff, it's better to sell the item cheaply to ensure its sold then to have it expire and you lose money to the traders. After a while of your item not selling it Expires and you have to take it back or re put it in there so every time you take an item out you are costing yourself money that the trader charges you (yeah no refunds) they dont tell you that up front lol.. When you put a item up for sale efore you hit ok it tells you the commission price and the fee they dont refund you, it doesnt say they dont refund you until its too late lol.

Skill points can be changed after using them ONLY by purchasing an Oblivion Potion, which again is avaiable at any secret salespeople sch as Crimsonsabre Merchant.


DONT BE STUPID. Simple as that. COM2US will not replace anything lost, nor will they do anything about someone scamming you. It is against the rules of the game to sell any of your items for real money. I do believe you are allowed to sell your account however that is one of the biggest ways people scam people, its best if you simply avoid anything of the sort. People even do trade scams where they switch the item in the trade window at the last second. Another scam to avoid is when someone asks to borrow or "see" an item. Never trade anything unless you intend on never getting it back again. If its too good to be true chances are it is. I have seen alot of scams happen, most of them with accounts, dont trade accounts either they just give you a false password then log into you take all your stuff. trust me the makers of this game will not do anything about it so its up to you to be smart.

Don't ever for no reason give out your password. I should not have to tell you this. common sense people. Just so you know though i do not tolerate Scams in my guild so if you scam or get scam report it and the scammer will be kicked, i will hear both sides before kicking though.


My characters name is RavenRed and my guild is Valkrie. If i am not online you may ask Goldenrod or Chaosic to add you as a member.

If you have any other questions or anything you would like to see added to this post please let me know! i will do my best to answer or add asi can!



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I figured i would get started on this. Been meaning to for a while now. I started playing pokeMMO and havent played Dark Rising since to be honest. PokeMMO is way better. I have been getting on almost every day! =] its so awesome. its exactly what i wanted in a pokemon game and then some. The pokedex has never been so advanced in its life! The creators of pokemon need to take a hint and learn some lessons by following these guys. I think pokemon should have an Online game like this one where stuff is constantly added and changed. New regions and areas should always be added every so often. it would be so awesome. ANYWAYS, tons of PokeMMO stuff will be added on here. My characters name is.... you guessed it! REDSLITHER. Feel free to say hi to me in game. =] CYA!:)

OUTLAST (PC Horror Game)

Posted by REDSLITHER on December 26, 2013 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (1)

PC. Windows Only. Horror. .  A Red Barrels Production.

I am actually going to do things a little differently this blog around. I am gonna start this review (or whatever you want to call it) off with outside links to various things involving this game. And then i am gonna throw some images in there and finish off with my own review. ;) So we are gonna Smosh everything up into one kay?

Outlast Game Walkthrough Very good. Short, Sweet and to the point. Best one yet.

Outlast Intro and walkthrough Actually is a part of the previous link, but this part takes you to a little info they gathered up on it in case you are curious and have never heard of the game before. (Even though i am going to give you an Intro as well) haha

Official Summary: In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation, has been operating in strict secrecy… until now.

Acting on a tip from an inside source, independent journalist Miles Upshur breaks into the facility, and what he discovers walks a terrifying line being science and religion, nature and something else entirely. Once inside, his only hope of escape lies with the terrible truth at the heart of Mount Massive.


I am going to sum this game up for you in words and images. Okay?


Scary. Dark. You have a camera with Night Vision that you NEED because it is so dark at some points. Very Graphic. Contains Alot of Nudity and Violence. And even more so of Dismemberment. Curse words and disturbing Images. Thus the rating. You can hide behind and under objects. You get chased, choked, shoved, and possibly killed in this game. Your heart just might be pounding the whole way through. Jump Scares are a GIVEN. You don't fight anything, It is basically running and hiding and strategic sneaking. It's fun. The storyline to the game is interesting and you get info as you go. Just when you thought you knew exactly what to expect and what will happen, two naked guys show up and deciede your their play thing, and yes you see their wangs. (They remain naked all the way) lol. This game is nuts and i can't stop playing. Collecting Documents and recording incidents with your camera is a must to the story line. Your character also jots down notes as your recording.  It takes place in an Asylum, there's alot of crazy scary characters and you never know which ones are harmless or enemies until they jump out and grab you so be careful. ;)

And here is my Outlast Quote: "Contains more Human Dismemberment than Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw Put together!"

Or atleast if someone were to put a quote made up by ME on the reviews or box that is what i would say as my one liner. lol

If you enjoy playing horror games then you have to try this one! =] OH yeah, and one more thing... your camera has a battery life. Like i said before your S.O.L. without that camera, so you can't stay under that bed hiding forever lol don't waste time.


This is called : "Hiding under the bed RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MONSTER FAIL."   lol which results in him ducking down and pulling you out.

Oddly enough.... They mean this LITERALLY.  I literally had to follow a trail of blood.

This actually had me thinking for A WHILE before i figured out what this really ment. They were not talking about the guy being a witness, the bloody messages on the wall are for YOU. You are to witness what is going on in this place. 0_0

Friend or Enemy? Can you guess which one this guy is? Lol

I bet you would never have guessed he's actually harmless. As long as you don't speak or get close to him, he won't ever touch you. =P

THIS GUY (image below).... Don't even get me started. I will give you this one. He refers to you as "little Pig" and "whore", and is as friendly as he looks....SO, Whenever you see this guy RUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!

Because he has some serious hatred for you. WHY? IDFK. Just RUN like hell. Don't even get this close to him. whoever took this image has a death wish. lol. He basically insta-kills you if he catches you. There is a chance of getting away...sometimes.... He's also surprisingly sneaky....

This game contains a wee bit of blood and gore. Need I say more?

Okay, And that concludes your tour for now. It's pretty cool. lol. I might add a little more later. Deffinitly more links. and Especially a video or two of gameplay. However, i will warn you this.....

******This game is MUCH better played if you have never seen any gameplay or don't know what to expect. I HIGHLY reccommend that you DO NOT watch gameplay or read/use walkthroughs unless absolutly necessary.... Otherwise it kind of takes the surprise and some of the scare out of the game ya know?

ADVISED: PLAY GAME W/O WALKTHROUGH's OR WATCHING VIDEO's FIRST, It will be alot more fun and enjoyable. ^-^ 

What i give you here on my site is more than enough to deciede if you wanna play or not. 

Do not follow any links before playing the game for yourself first, the links I gave are great spoilers and take away alot to the game. I only used the walkthrough ONCE, and i felt i had to, i was stuck for 30 minutes. lol And i only read that one part. I am still not done the game so i dont know what to expect, it adds the suspense and unkown scare to it.

Pokemon X Video Blogs, etc.

Posted by REDSLITHER on December 12, 2013 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I decieded i am going to start making video's for pokemon X. Yes, i know, i am already very far into the game. I just got my last badge. But there's still plenty to be done! Watch my first ever pokemon X Video blog today! =]

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