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Catch 22

Posted by REDSLITHER on February 22, 2017 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Yossarian is either raving mad or he's just fucking with everyone around him.
so far it's pretty funny, mostly because they all seem crazy. but i guess i would be too in their situation. Other than that im not sure i really like it. I skip alot of stuff that runs on like rambling to be honest. i feel like a part of me wants to just get through the book and be done with it. 
it got good reviews which is  partly why i wanted to read it in the first place plus it is considered a classic . im gonna stop for now and just try reading a farewell to arms and see how that goes. but i feel like ill probably like Catch 22 better anyhow. 

Reading books and how we read them- Fiction/Realism/Classics/how we perceive them

Posted by REDSLITHER on February 22, 2017 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I know this seems like a weird topic but when i looked it up online i saw atleast one other person who had the same exact experiences as me and i wanted to talk about tthat.

When you read a book, especially a good book, it paints a picture, and suddenly once you've focused and found your reading rythm undisturbed it's like you enter another world, your barely aware of your own, its better than watching a movie even if the author wrote well. I always seem to lose track of time when this happens and when its over i feel weird i blink, i look at the world around me slowly coming back,and im a little sorry to have left. sometimes my vision is even blurry its so weird. this happened to me when i read most good books such as Trial by Fire and Lirael., etc. 

BUT oddly enough alot of classics dont have the same effect on me, i dont know if its just their style of writing that throws me off or what but im not pulled in like other books. The books that pull me in i can get through in one sitting if theyre really good and i have time. However when  i was reading Hemmingways book(s) i struggled to stay focused and needed very good focus and enviornment, and even then the books take me days to read- why? they dont flow like the others at all. is this good or bad? they also dont make me feel emotions like the other books. 

has anyone else experienced these things? id like to hear about it. Again i am attempting to read catch 22 and a farewell to arms now. Ive been collecting alot of Classics lately. i enjoyed The Great Gatsby alot actually. But i had to read all my other books first before i would even pick catch 22 and farewell to arms back up.For whom the bell tolls was ok, i had to reread some lines and sometimes i didnt understand what was going on but i kept moving forward. the ending was dissapointing for sure, i wont say why. But i hardly remember any of it to be honest. i often notice that books i enjoyed sit with me for a while, i remember them through the next couple of days and i think what if? HOWEVER------

Again however there is something that modern day books LACK that can almost be exclusivly found only in old books. When i read a Picture of Dorian Grey for example i truely dont know how to explain it... but there was something there.... some kind of intelligence and worldliness that isnt present in modern books.... could it be that because modern day fiction is so unrealistic? where as older books are so close to reality that you sometimes feel its just someone recounting their day? i feel that way sometimes and wonder why am i reading this? But i keep going. Older books get you thinking. not all of them of course, but i feel like there are things to be learned in some older books and those are the kinds i want to read too, not just the fantastical kinds that throw you in another world like a cool movie. those kinds only entertain and teach nothing besides basic morals that everyone out to know and they teach you to yearn for a love that isnt possible amongst humans. Read The Picture of Dorian Gray and youll see what i mean by another intelligence and realism. Its small amount of fiction and impossiblity is so entertwined with realism and the world that it almost seems possible. i like it. 

i want to hear what everyone has to say. please comment if you got something to say =) thanks everyone. 

Difficult Words and thier meanings

Posted by REDSLITHER on February 17, 2017 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Advanced Words Today

Big words no one really uses except Dictionaries & Thesaurus's - or the lack thereof

I couldnt think of a proper Title for this one but i wanted to say something about it.  here goes nothing! hope ya'll understand what i'm saying haha!

Have you ever read a book where every page had atleast one word you were unfamiliar with? Doesn't it irritate you when you don't know the meaning of a word? Do you look it up or just continue reading without a second thought?

Now-a-days, modern writers most often keep it simple, why? Because they don't know big words. Schools don't put emphasis on learning tons of words- especially big ones; like they used to. And i would know! i was in the highest level English class you could take in College. 

Is it a bad thing?  yes and no.

Why bother learning extra words when no one is going to understand them anyways? I think as a society of writers it's our duty to try and expand the minds of our readers, if only a little bit. 

Imagine if eventually we lost most of our vocabulary. Comparing books that were written many years ago to now is staggering. Their style and word use is so different it's like we arent even from the same Country. 

Books like The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Great Gatsby were not so awfully long ago. it just goes to show how rapidly our societys vocabulary and writing is declining. 

I myself am also guilty of writing so modern (i shall refer to it as thus). However i am going to work on it by studying previous generations of authors such as the above mentioned and i will even crack open a dictionary for the first time in my adult life, even a Thesaurus.  I was always so caught up in learning other languages that i didn't think much on improving my own English. Kinda funny but also sadly common.

Join me everyone! Don't let Shakespeare and Hemmingway down! =)

Here are some ways to improove:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Build Your Vocabulary Skills: A Quick and Easy Method by John LaCarna rates 4.5 stars on the Amazon review scale." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">, Webster’s New Explorer Vocabulary Skill Builder" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis

Writing a Fiction Book - what to write?

Posted by REDSLITHER on October 14, 2016 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)


you're kidding me right?

Anytime i have ever written, it's because a story was forming in my head, i was fantasyizing all these places and people and events that i felt compelled to write it all down or else lose it to my imagination forever.

I do not beleive there has ever been a moment in my life where i was unsure of what to write. how is that even a question?

i have always thought that writers write for the same reasons, because they have a story to tell. It would be odd to me for a person to just up and deciede they are going to write a fictional book with no stories already in their head. what made them think to even write if they didnt already have a story?

i have always been told i have a wonderful gift of writing and that i should have been published long ago. truth be told i never tried. i wrote and then nothing. life got in the way. i have many unfinished books i started. one finished. 

I beleive that to be a writer of stories you must also be a reader. I started reading books in kindergarden and was addicted. anything i could get my hands on. i was a year ahead advanced in my english classes and even took creative writing and such. 

The main source of my stories is my intense need to write a perfect story. have you ever read a book and felt like something should have been different or perhaps you would change a thing or two? i have. i feel like my perfect story isnt out there, its in HERE, in me, I must write my perfect story. a story that goes how i tell it and has things happen how i want them to. 

I most recently began picking up classics, starting with really old ones. anything and everything, especially the most popular ones. i  will keep reporting what i find and if i liked it. a new story recently came to me in my sleep, it followed me all through today as if it were happening in my home, i could almost see it. so i started writing it down until the urge passed. and theres my problem. i dont keep going when i should have. and they haunt me. even the same characters haunt me, as if telling me they MUST be in a story... SO,

this is my new goal. i will write a story and finish it and turn it into a publisher no matter what. i should have done this years ago, but now theres no excuses. with no school and hardly any work it would be insane not to take advantage of all my free time. I hope i helped you all in some way with finding your writing or stories. im sorry if its not what you hoped, but i honestly believe that if you arent passionate about a story or it doesnt come to you easily then you need to read more books, watch more movies, go places you have never been, experience new things, because i can tell you that you will not be sucessful otherwise. tell YOUR story, not someone elses but slightly different. =) good luck.

Classic Books - Some of my favorites

Posted by REDSLITHER on October 14, 2016 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

My Favorite Classic Books

Im gonna start with listing the books i've read and really liked. And i wouldn't put them down if i havent actually read and really liked them.

  • The Great Gatsby
  • Lord of the Flies
  • The lady and the unicorn
  • A tale of two cities
  • The secret garden

The Great Gatsby was so awsome i fell in love with the character gatsby. Its about a man gatsby who dedicates himself to the woman he loves Daisy. he prepared his whole life for her. i highly recommend it, ive read it 3 times now. you will yearn for the life they live. its told from the prospective of gatsbys best friend. I didn't like the ending, watch the movie when you are done reading it and you may fall in love with Leonardo too as i did. =)

Lord of the flies is crazy, kids stranded on an island with NO adults what so ever, they survive and make thier own rules, and fight amongst themselves, it was interesting. the only thing i didnt like was that they dont really cover how exactly the kids got there and why were there no grownups with them, it vaguely hints at it but not sufficiently enough.

The lady and the unicorn was an unexpected like. i read through it in one sitting. i was captivated by the characters and the making of the tapestry we know as the lady and the unicorn. some of its based on facts so its nice to also read history in the making. i laughed myself silly at the main characters unicorn story he tells the women.

a tale of two cities made me cry. very riveting. pay attention when you are reading it, or you will miss something important, trust me on this. its a very good story and you will come to love some of the characters as i had. it involves the french and the english at war and also gives you some historical insight on what it was like. give it a shot, you wont regret it.

Books and their Value (discussion)

Posted by REDSLITHER on October 8, 2016 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

BOOKS AND THEIR VALUE : how it is, and why? a general discussion

The value of books

Ok, so everyone knows that the author and the publisher are the ones who determine how much a book costs, and that this price can always be found on a book that is being sold. Atleast in the USA and Canada anyways. This price can usually be found on the back of the book or inside on the cover jacket. We basically know how they determine the price, but what about second hand sellers? how does one value a book? This is something i have often pondered whenever i go into a "used" book store or buy a book anywhere outside of a bookstore where it is "brand new".  Does anyone else ever wonder why the prices are normally halved?

The origional value is highly based upon : cost of making the book, how much the author wants to make per book, how much cut the company/publisher wants and how much they think the public would be willng to pay for it. And of course it's also compared to other prices on the market currently.  which usually results in most books being around the same price. If you look around you will see theres a "going rate/range" for books of different kinds. Hardcovers always the priciest of the bunch.

Why does a book being read once significantly lower the value but any time after that has no further effect?

So i bought a book today called Splintered. it's cover price (origional price by publisher) says $8.95 US. The used book store sold it for $4.95. why? I've noticed MOST places sell books for about half of their marked price. Don't get me wrong, i am NOT complaining, in fact i love that they are so much cheaper. what i dont understand is why the book is only worth half its deemed value after being read once, but after the second time the price pretty much never gets lower. so resale number 7 will still be $4.95. WHY? It doesn't even make sense to me. I goto a used book store often, i've even sold them back the book i got from them (they only gave me a doller credit) so that they could put it back on the shelf again for the same price they had sold it to me for. so why then does being used only count once? most of the time it seems the condition of the book does not affect the cost when many other items that can be sold as "used" are affected by condition. I think it is partly because we dont place high value on literature. The other weird thing is, once a book is resold, the author or publisher doesn't make any more money off it. They made their money (beleive it or not) off of the bookstores who bought the books from them. most bookstores actually BUY the books that they are selling. it's not how you probably thought. i bet you thought that the publisher and author get paid when you actually buy the book didnt you. So esentially the bookstore is taking a chance on books. so when people steal from a bookstore they are hurting the bookstore. remember that before you steal from your favorite bookstore if you want it to still be there in the future. So if a book sells well, the store will order more. that's why its often hard to find random unpopular books in stores. and just think of ALLLLLL those books the store didnt order because they thought it wouldn't sell well. 

Should a books condition determine value?

I think books should be priced based on the condition of the book, or atleast the condition should affect the price. because i bought an old tattered book that was on its last limbs for half the value of the origional price, i think it should have been a little cheaper than half personally. Also, i've seen that more popular novels often remain a little higher in price than most.

Older books and the good ol' days

It's amazing looking back on really old books, like i bought a 1955 copy of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", and it's in OK-ISH condition, i paid $2.95 for it despite its cover price of 35 cents. LOL It's okay though, i would have paid 7 if it was 7. I love old books, i feel like they are more valuable than the new in a way. I've been on a classic novel binge lately lol I loved The Great Gatsby. I have read it 3 times now. I picked up another copy of the Historian and Dracula. I also got Uncle toms Cabin which is my first time reading it i believe. I remember when i used to get mad at school when we had to read older books, often i didn't really read  them i skimmed them. It's something you learn to appreciate and enjoy as you grow though. =) 

if you guys liked this blog let me know, then ill do one on Ebooks. and even tell you how to get some ebooks for free, etc. =)

New Computer Samsung 11.6Inch Chromebook

Posted by REDSLITHER on August 26, 2016 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)


So i bought this a few days ago at a 24 hour walmart in the middle of the night haha. So far i really like it. Its super lightweight, charges in less than a hour, good on battery, its cute and small, syncs with all google stuff so that works good for me. The only downside is that its running on the google Operating system. Windows is sadly where most things are made, and what most are compatible with. so i can't even play my copy of pokemon Uranium which really sucks since Pokemon makers decieded to put a cease and desist on Uranium. which i disagree with. so you cant even get the game anymore. But i am super psyched about the new pokemon sun and moon!

Sorry got way sidetracked there... lol


It has a 32GB Hard Drive, which sucks if you download a lot of stuff however it comes with the OverDrive thing where you can store stuff on the internet. i dont really like the idea of all my personal stuff being stored on the internet so i never put anything inapropriate on it and neither should you! =)

So far i havent had any problems with it, it runs fast, you can get google apps on chromebook like my favorite app so far called DUOLINGO, its an app that teaches you languages, other people can add stuff to it, but its fun and keeps you learning with daily goals and lessons. best of all Duolingo is FREE.

You can link your Android Phone to your chromebook and use the find my phone app/feature. i like that, now i can always find my phone =)

I use my phones mobile hotspot sometimes (only if i have to) for my chromebook and it works great. Theres even a Gameboy Advanced Emulator App available for chromebook.  just type in the search VBA-M.

i have 7 chrome tabs going at once and no issues, doesnt slow it down none as far as ive seen. The laptop doesnt heat up a lot like some computers do, so i can have it on my bare skin no problems.

My New Pet ( a must see )

Posted by REDSLITHER on February 2, 2016 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Guess what yours truely has obtained? =)

Poecilotheria metallica

Common Name(s):

English – Peacock Tarantula, Peacock Parachute Spider, Metallic Tarantula, Gooty Tarantula, Salepurgu

It comes from India. =)

Right now i have a Sling (spiderling) and he or she is too small for me to tell gender. Their color and pattern may vary depending on gender males being the brighter more colorful ones. i'm so excited i can't wait to see how it turns out! This isn't something im breeding, more or less i've always wanted a blue spider lol

This one is a female. The picture at the very top is male. Either way is cool but i REALLY want a male. =) Can you blame me? Right now im feeding Blue (its name is Blue) one small cricket a day. I heard most feed them everyother day but the crickets are small and so far Blue has been eating them immedietly without any reservation soooo pretty sure im not over feeding him lol.

Wikipedia says they are Critically Endangered so having them as pets is kinda i think help keeping the species going. who knows maybe ill breed them eventually but right now i have no intention of doing such a thing. i will keep everyone updated on the little guy or girl. lol

Right now it has no color, but i heard it will start showing within the first year. I will post a photo of it and a video of feeding soon (not tonight) but soon. Thanks everyone feel free to comment or whatever, Any advice is welcome. This is after all my very first with keeping a spider other than george who we all know went terrible lol That Tarantula was super agressive i had to take it back to the store. But im trying again. No giving up this time! Especially since this spider costs $90 to $100~! 0_o

I have been afraid of spiders, (yup, i'm admitting it now) for some time. And the George incident didn't help at all, infact possibly made it worse haha BUT, i am very determined to get over this fear, and i will not let it get in the way of me taking care of the little thing... soon to be BIG thing. 0_o

Im dying in my 80 degree room you cold blooded's are killin meh. And i have fed the Tarantula everyday a single fairly small cricket. I read online that it's okay to feed them more when they are young helps them grow faster. I will look up more info shortly. maybe skip a day feeding i dont want to overdo it. And i hope it was wrong but it said the pokeys (p metallica) spiders bite is worse than a normal tarantula. I really wanna know if its true and why. I read online that these suckers get around 8 inches. Thats too big for my shoes! jk ! Just kidding ! =) <3<3<3 Thats big though. Im worried about its first molt, i am hoping all goes well, i watched wayyy too many horror videos on molts gone wrong, i don't want Blue to lose a leg or anything like that. 0_0

ALSO, i am going to start a Forum for Spiders. That way everyone can Discuss  it and i can get more info too =) i want to hear from all you experienced Arachnid hobbiests. =P

**Oh and i almost forgot, i would like to thank Mark, for buying me this beautifully creepy spider. lol** :P

UPDATE: Me and Mark went our seperate ways and sadly this beautiful spider went with him. I will miss the little spiderling. Im sure its grown to a beauty by now. if i get a picture of it grown up i promise i will post it for everyone. =)


Posted by REDSLITHER on March 6, 2015 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

If you are a MAC user like me you probably get frustrated trying to download roms only to discover theyre a IPS file only or something. And as most are aware MAC doesnt have LUNAR IPS for patching... or rather isnt compatible. Well, here is a solution.

Read it before doing anything please. Version 1.4 of the patcher  Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later. Under that they provide older versions if you need it.

Dont know your version? On the top left corner of your screen you should see the Apple Icon... Click it, there should be a "About this mac" click that and it opens up the MAC OS X and the version should be right under that. I am using Version 10.6.8 so in my case the Multipatch version i would use is Version 1.3 64 bit. Just hit the Blue download Link and unzip the file.

Click the white link below to download the Multipatch tool MAC OS X USERS ONLY.


1) Always download your Patching tool and your "clean" Rom first. (Assuming you already have a Emulator. In my case i use either Visual boy advance or John Gba. )

In my example im gonna do the pokemon Hack DARK RISING, which is a FIRE RED rom base. A "clean rom" is just a copy of the game that has not been changed in any way. Search on your browser for pokemon fire red rom and download it, you should get a file that ends in a ".gba" for this particular game. is usually a good site to download from, however for Fire red Nintendo made them remove it.

NOTE: I use ZIPEG to unzip files. You will need something like that for alot of files.Zipeg opens stuff automatically and you choose where to extract it to.

2) Download your IPS file. For the hack game Pokemon Dark Rising 1 download here at the bottom of the page is a Orange button that says Download Patch, should start automatically. when its done make sure its a ".ips" file in the folder. Me personally i like to make two copys of a rom. i rename one to "clean copy FireRed" incase anything happens.

3) Open your patching tool (in my case its the "") For windows Users its the Lunar Ips tool.

For a box opens (its VERY simple to use) after double clicking it.

(its easier to put all roms and IPS files in one folder.)

( users )

Location of patch file is the IPS file. Browse and select the Dark Rising.IPS file.

Location of file to patch is the FireRed.gba file you downloaded and want to patch on., make sure to save a copy you wont edit in case you somehow mess it up. Patching is essentially combining into one ".gba" file/rom once combined you cant unpatch.... so dont do this to your only fire red rom if you ever want to play fire red normally again.

Save patch File = when you hit browse it asks what you want to rename it to. For this particular game we are gonna go with "PokemonDarkRising1 FireRed" That way you will always know exactly what game it is and what ROM BASE it is (firered).

A new .GBA rom should appear where you saved it to with the new name you chose. hit the red X button on the multipatch tool and open up your gameboy advance emulator to test it out make sure it works.

NOTE: Once the file is patched to a .GBA file it should work on ALL computers (windows AND MAC) and even Android phones. I use mine on my samsung galaxy S4.


Remember ROMS are not for RESALE that is illegal, do not make copys to sell, etc.

I personally Own a real copy of Pokemon FireRed and all roms that i download. I also do not claim any of the roms mentioned in this post as my own. Thanks for your support everyone hope this helped you! Any questions or comments are always welcomed. And thanks DarkRisingGirl for the awesome hacks. =]

PS: i will eventually make a blog or Forum that has links to download all pokemon hacks.


Pokemon Dark Rising Website :


JOHN GBA (Android Emulator) :" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

A Site that Lists Pokemon Hack roms w/ Links :

Pokemon Old White hack by Foullump(patched)

Posted by REDSLITHER on March 2, 2015 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)


Patched and edited by Foullump (i asssume since it says that)

Im adding my own opinions of the game as well as quick facts for those considering downloading it and Helpful walkthrough / pokemon location stuff since its lacking a map and guide.

Origionally this hack was incomplete, a quick search revealed no one really has much info outside of the West Acedemy.

Some things i noticed right off the bat about this particular hack was that You can choose from 9 starters: charmander, balbasuar, squirtle, chickorita, totodile, cyndiquail, torchic, treecko, and mudkip.

Another thing is that you dont receive a town map in the beginning.

Another thing (that i actually liked) is that the pokemon have been changed, their attacks and stuff are not what you would expect. Totodile for example starts off with Aqua Ring, also some of the attacks dont do what they used to such as tail whip now does 40 damage. And Abra does not start of with teleport but rather Hidden Power. And of course the starters learn their elemental moves at level 6 and 7 AKA Ember, water gun, etc.

This hack also happens to be fairly hard and lacking (so far) in gyms. After recieving your starter you battle people in the academy which consists of every starter pokemon you did not choose as well as gary who has Eevee. There is a gym looking place you fight but do not receive a badge for too.

The trainers and pokemon are high levels so you have to constantly grind to keep up.... And there is a serious lack of places to heal in....Its deffinitly a challenging hack if you dont train ALOT.

The story was pretty good at first, theres nothing i love more than a great new story by people making their own hacks. If i wanted to play another re run of the origionals i wouldnt download hacks right?

Once you leave the academy the story kindof dissapears up until you run into team aqua which is next to nothing. Theres alot more routes and caves then there are towns, which is fine except for the fact that theres no where to heal your pokemon.... and not much opportunities to buy items, So the routes to me so far look a bit repetitive ... which is kinda boring me.... theyre all grass and bridges and caves so far. ALSO the marts sell berrys too, i like that added feature alot.

This game consists of a mixture of the 3 gens ive seen of so far. And despite me being in the 20's Level wise now i have yet to come across a gym.... I am currently in seaside village, and seaside cave has level 15-18 wild pokemon... after very much grinding my pokemon are all level 22. That gives you an idea of how the wild pokemon are keeping up with you making the game difficult.

you can find treecko, pikachu,and  pichu,  in the wild  ROUTE 73 by ROUTE 71 and the forest.

ROUTE 71 is just one giant beach with square grass patches filled with Ralts, Abra, volbeat, Squirtle, teddiursa, pidgey, etc.

Off beach is pidgey, skitty, teddiursa, pidgeotto, abra, etc.

Heading south down ROUTE 71 is a random pokemon center which at that point youll probably need if you didnt pick up some repels in seashore (seaside?) town or whatever it was called.

SO basically its one giant circle. passing the pokemon center you come to a cross roads and annoyingly realize your back at the academy pretty much except this time you may now go to Sol CIty (NORTH).

Im going to stop here at this point unless you guys actually want me to help guide you through this and keep record of the wild pokemon.

Keep in mind that you can eventually catch most of the starters.... Especially DONT DONT DONT pick Treecko or Squirtle...... You can catch them at almost the very begining of the game i told you where exactly to catch them earlier if you were reading the route info i put up.

ALso again remember ive never finished the hack..... so i dont know if the story is finished etc.

watch what you download there are a few versions of this out there so look for the complete one or if you want exactly what i got go with FOULLUMPs.

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