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St Peter's Books & Gifts Cafe Emmitsburg MD

Posted by REDSLITHER on February 24, 2012 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

So, i was wandering around Emmitsburg after dropping someone off at Emmitsburg glass for a job and i stumbled across this cute little cafe/ bookstore... nothing big but the area seems really nice, people super friendly. The woman who owns the store, even sweeter. There is wifi, coffee, tea, cookies and religious books. very quiet, nice. i spend a good amount of time there.. all kinds of interesting things to see. especially if you are christian of any sort. We chated for a while. Just thought i would let everyone know, passing through etc, should stop by there. =]i may not be super religious but nothing beats good old fashioned hopspitality. ALSO, good coffee prices. =] in my opinion. All kinds of knick knacks like statues of mary, crosses, jewlery, many pictures with frames, prayer beads, cds, even holy water! lol xD enjoy.

St Peter's Books & Gifts Cafe

101 Silo Hill Rd, Emmitsburg, MD 21727

(301) 447-1901

Judgment Day may 21 2011?

Posted by REDSLITHER on May 21, 2011 at 2:56 PM Comments comments (0)


I think not. Only a couple hours before. so far nothing. Honestly its wrong to scare everyone like that, people are you TRYING to cause world wide panic? doesnt everyone realize that people will do crazy things if they thought the world was seriously ending??

Hell, i know that i would drink, party, and do everything i always wanted to if i thought the world was ending. But i dont. And dont you think there would be some ACTUAL signs? animals always know stuff before us, dont you think theyd be acting strange? or SOMETHING.

Look, sorry to all of you that is preaching and kinda seems like hoping for disaster,i dont buy it, and it isnt happening. Not now, and probably not any time soon.

No, im not a christian, i have my resons, I dont know what i beleive in, i personally think that faith in god wouldnt have anything to do with "going to heaven or not" i think its about what kind of person you are in the heart. Do you think that if there was a good god he would punish a good person simply becuase that person lacked faith in something that couldnt be prooven? Lack of faith is practically expected if you ask me. I know some really good people, who beleive in the earth and taking care of it, they help others, generous, all around good people, so what if they dont beleive in the same god as you?

Bah, im done with this, feel free to post ill answer. i get back on before 6 dont worry hahahahaha. im going to go enjoy this super fine weather we are currently having:D

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