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The Weather (Glen burnie MD for me)

Posted by REDSLITHER on March 4, 2011 at 1:19 AM Comments comments (0)

OKAY SERIOUSLY> what is up with this weather?? we have a crap week where its cold and snow alllll week then out of nowhere (usually in between those days) we have a really nice day with sunshine and warmth. UGH TEASER MUCHHHH?! me being a huge reptile fan; as you can imagine; loves the summer and spring time. All this cold weather does is make me loath going outside and gives me dry skin. there is nothing i cant stand more then the two of those combined. im deffinitly a warmer kinda person. If there is somewhere where the temperature is almost always between 70 and 90 degrees PLEASE let me know cuz i will move there right away lol. =P

i cant wait until the summmmmerrr! or atleast for some weather above 57 degrees!!! please give me a break lol jeez!

sorry everyone i just had to rant. plus, who doesn't talk about the weather?

Feel free to discuss you're weather here. no matter where it may be. Or add a whole new topic. its not like i have anything more important to do....haha okay i do but chatting here and there doesn't hurt. =)

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