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Pokemon Sun and Moon Game

Posted by REDSLITHER on November 23, 2016 at 3:10 AM


Has finally arrived! I know i am very late on posting, i have been caught up in playing, reading and work. lol 

i'm still on the first island but i like it so far. I have spent insane time trying to obtain pokemon and deciede who is on my team or rather who will be. with lots to pick from it hasnt been easy! especially since im really trying to use Alolan pokemon only because i havent experienced them yet.

I have Moon and my brother has Sun. some of my favorite pokemon so far are Cutiefly whom i obtained a shiny by random! best ever! and Vulpix. She is amazing i love her new form! And raticate is doing very good in his new form. Rockruff is SO CUTE!! and his forms are awesome! Liligant may have a spot on my team too. And of course my starter poplio. haters gonna hate i know. 

I was extremely dissapointed to discover that vulpix and sandshrews alolan forms arent obtainable until basically end game, which i was looking forward to them the most.... however my brother already beat the game in 3 days no less! he bred one real quick for me =). Jolt my Grubbin may stay. hes ok. his final form i heard was very good. ive been eatin rootbeer float yogurts lol theyre amazing! while playing pokemon. wonder trading a whole lot. problem is  ...... i forgot what i was gonna say! lol hahaha wow. i m super tired i suppose. it's like 4am here and i havent slept a wink! i will add more info as i go. =)

Oh and i really really LOVE that there are NO HMS! finally. i always hated trying to balance out moves with necessary . they provide you with rides/mounts that you can use anytime that cannot battle tho. still theyre great!

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