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Books and their Value (discussion)

Posted by REDSLITHER on October 8, 2016 at 12:45 AM

BOOKS AND THEIR VALUE : how it is, and why? a general discussion

The value of books

Ok, so everyone knows that the author and the publisher are the ones who determine how much a book costs, and that this price can always be found on a book that is being sold. Atleast in the USA and Canada anyways. This price can usually be found on the back of the book or inside on the cover jacket. We basically know how they determine the price, but what about second hand sellers? how does one value a book? This is something i have often pondered whenever i go into a "used" book store or buy a book anywhere outside of a bookstore where it is "brand new".  Does anyone else ever wonder why the prices are normally halved?

The origional value is highly based upon : cost of making the book, how much the author wants to make per book, how much cut the company/publisher wants and how much they think the public would be willng to pay for it. And of course it's also compared to other prices on the market currently.  which usually results in most books being around the same price. If you look around you will see theres a "going rate/range" for books of different kinds. Hardcovers always the priciest of the bunch.

Why does a book being read once significantly lower the value but any time after that has no further effect?

So i bought a book today called Splintered. it's cover price (origional price by publisher) says $8.95 US. The used book store sold it for $4.95. why? I've noticed MOST places sell books for about half of their marked price. Don't get me wrong, i am NOT complaining, in fact i love that they are so much cheaper. what i dont understand is why the book is only worth half its deemed value after being read once, but after the second time the price pretty much never gets lower. so resale number 7 will still be $4.95. WHY? It doesn't even make sense to me. I goto a used book store often, i've even sold them back the book i got from them (they only gave me a doller credit) so that they could put it back on the shelf again for the same price they had sold it to me for. so why then does being used only count once? most of the time it seems the condition of the book does not affect the cost when many other items that can be sold as "used" are affected by condition. I think it is partly because we dont place high value on literature. The other weird thing is, once a book is resold, the author or publisher doesn't make any more money off it. They made their money (beleive it or not) off of the bookstores who bought the books from them. most bookstores actually BUY the books that they are selling. it's not how you probably thought. i bet you thought that the publisher and author get paid when you actually buy the book didnt you. So esentially the bookstore is taking a chance on books. so when people steal from a bookstore they are hurting the bookstore. remember that before you steal from your favorite bookstore if you want it to still be there in the future. So if a book sells well, the store will order more. that's why its often hard to find random unpopular books in stores. and just think of ALLLLLL those books the store didnt order because they thought it wouldn't sell well. 

Should a books condition determine value?

I think books should be priced based on the condition of the book, or atleast the condition should affect the price. because i bought an old tattered book that was on its last limbs for half the value of the origional price, i think it should have been a little cheaper than half personally. Also, i've seen that more popular novels often remain a little higher in price than most.

Older books and the good ol' days

It's amazing looking back on really old books, like i bought a 1955 copy of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", and it's in OK-ISH condition, i paid $2.95 for it despite its cover price of 35 cents. LOL It's okay though, i would have paid 7 if it was 7. I love old books, i feel like they are more valuable than the new in a way. I've been on a classic novel binge lately lol I loved The Great Gatsby. I have read it 3 times now. I picked up another copy of the Historian and Dracula. I also got Uncle toms Cabin which is my first time reading it i believe. I remember when i used to get mad at school when we had to read older books, often i didn't really read  them i skimmed them. It's something you learn to appreciate and enjoy as you grow though. =) 

if you guys liked this blog let me know, then ill do one on Ebooks. and even tell you how to get some ebooks for free, etc. =)

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