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Writing a Fiction Book - what to write?

Posted by REDSLITHER on October 14, 2016 at 7:45 PM


you're kidding me right?

Anytime i have ever written, it's because a story was forming in my head, i was fantasyizing all these places and people and events that i felt compelled to write it all down or else lose it to my imagination forever.

I do not beleive there has ever been a moment in my life where i was unsure of what to write. how is that even a question?

i have always thought that writers write for the same reasons, because they have a story to tell. It would be odd to me for a person to just up and deciede they are going to write a fictional book with no stories already in their head. what made them think to even write if they didnt already have a story?

i have always been told i have a wonderful gift of writing and that i should have been published long ago. truth be told i never tried. i wrote and then nothing. life got in the way. i have many unfinished books i started. one finished. 

I beleive that to be a writer of stories you must also be a reader. I started reading books in kindergarden and was addicted. anything i could get my hands on. i was a year ahead advanced in my english classes and even took creative writing and such. 

The main source of my stories is my intense need to write a perfect story. have you ever read a book and felt like something should have been different or perhaps you would change a thing or two? i have. i feel like my perfect story isnt out there, its in HERE, in me, I must write my perfect story. a story that goes how i tell it and has things happen how i want them to. 

I most recently began picking up classics, starting with really old ones. anything and everything, especially the most popular ones. i  will keep reporting what i find and if i liked it. a new story recently came to me in my sleep, it followed me all through today as if it were happening in my home, i could almost see it. so i started writing it down until the urge passed. and theres my problem. i dont keep going when i should have. and they haunt me. even the same characters haunt me, as if telling me they MUST be in a story... SO,

this is my new goal. i will write a story and finish it and turn it into a publisher no matter what. i should have done this years ago, but now theres no excuses. with no school and hardly any work it would be insane not to take advantage of all my free time. I hope i helped you all in some way with finding your writing or stories. im sorry if its not what you hoped, but i honestly believe that if you arent passionate about a story or it doesnt come to you easily then you need to read more books, watch more movies, go places you have never been, experience new things, because i can tell you that you will not be sucessful otherwise. tell YOUR story, not someone elses but slightly different. =) good luck.

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