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Questions are welcome. Only state facts if you have actually seen the movies. Everyone please keep it clean, we can all be adults about this. thanks =)

Some examples for good topics are :  Why are the women mostly background characters (some even say voiceless beisdes a few), morality of the movies, movie theories, does good and evil play the main role? , conflicting ideas between movies one and two, etc.

My biggest question for myself, and keep in mind i only posted this after finding NO answer to my question elsewhere, I personally don't understand why toothless can't fly AT ALL, without that one little tail peice....

I see in the movie that he cant even get off the ground or even a starting flight... and it just makes no sense to me, i think the movie was not realistic in this... am i wrong? someone help me out here. The only semi answer i was able to find was this : LINK: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON WIKI


"Before the movie, Toothless was able to fly by using his large wings for propulsion, broad maneuvers and lift, while his smaller tail fins allowed him to turn, and control altitude. However, when he lost his left tail fin, he became unbalanced and was unable to maintain stable fight."- how to train your dragon wiki 

Me personally i think that it contradicts what the movie portrays. In the movie Toothless was completly unable to fly at all.  however i beleive that it would have been more accurate and realistic. Toothless should have been able to fly to an extent without that tail peice, he has VERY large wings that should have had no problems lifting him straight up and out of that large pit/hole that he was stuck in at the begining of movie one. why would he need that tail peice to lift himself up?? They even said that the tail peices were for turning and meneuvering, while his main wings were for LIFT, and propulsion. AKA there was no reason why he couldnt get out! lol BUT if he had been able to get out and fly to some extent, it wouldn't have worked for the movie at all. if you carefully watch the scene of Hiccup watching Toothless trying to get out it doesnt even make sense. Toothless is doing weird body movements that to me dont even make sense on how it would help him get out. You see him kinda tuck his tail under his body which to me doesnt even make sense. Any comments or explanations are welcome or if you simply want to talk bout another topic that is fine too. thanks everyone.



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