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 =] Welcome. Feel free to have a look around and give suggestions for the site, all are welcome.

 Important news/ updates will be here on the main page - including stuff not related to this site! so check back often. =)

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**No longer breeding snakes at all**


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 PS: If i put up any kind of warnings they're legit and you should take notice of them.... Its usually information that isn't common knowledge that you should know.

I will never lead you guys astray, all my links are legit and checked out by myself of course.

UPDATE: Unfortunately we had a unexpected death... wurmy our black eyed leucistic passed away, which is why i haven't been on. So that particular morph has been put on hold. thus a change in alot of the plans for logo etc.

The Logo incidentally may be passed to Caleb my longest friend as of right now. Here before wurmy some members think he should have been the logo choice from the start. we shall see. any may comment what they think, ill post a photo of Caleb soon. 



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