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Reading books and how we read them- Fiction/Realism/Classics/how we perceive them

Posted by REDSLITHER on February 22, 2017 at 1:00 PM

I know this seems like a weird topic but when i looked it up online i saw atleast one other person who had the same exact experiences as me and i wanted to talk about tthat.

When you read a book, especially a good book, it paints a picture, and suddenly once you've focused and found your reading rythm undisturbed it's like you enter another world, your barely aware of your own, its better than watching a movie even if the author wrote well. I always seem to lose track of time when this happens and when its over i feel weird i blink, i look at the world around me slowly coming back,and im a little sorry to have left. sometimes my vision is even blurry its so weird. this happened to me when i read most good books such as Trial by Fire and Lirael., etc. 

BUT oddly enough alot of classics dont have the same effect on me, i dont know if its just their style of writing that throws me off or what but im not pulled in like other books. The books that pull me in i can get through in one sitting if theyre really good and i have time. However when  i was reading Hemmingways book(s) i struggled to stay focused and needed very good focus and enviornment, and even then the books take me days to read- why? they dont flow like the others at all. is this good or bad? they also dont make me feel emotions like the other books. 

has anyone else experienced these things? id like to hear about it. Again i am attempting to read catch 22 and a farewell to arms now. Ive been collecting alot of Classics lately. i enjoyed The Great Gatsby alot actually. But i had to read all my other books first before i would even pick catch 22 and farewell to arms back up.For whom the bell tolls was ok, i had to reread some lines and sometimes i didnt understand what was going on but i kept moving forward. the ending was dissapointing for sure, i wont say why. But i hardly remember any of it to be honest. i often notice that books i enjoyed sit with me for a while, i remember them through the next couple of days and i think what if? HOWEVER------

Again however there is something that modern day books LACK that can almost be exclusivly found only in old books. When i read a Picture of Dorian Grey for example i truely dont know how to explain it... but there was something there.... some kind of intelligence and worldliness that isnt present in modern books.... could it be that because modern day fiction is so unrealistic? where as older books are so close to reality that you sometimes feel its just someone recounting their day? i feel that way sometimes and wonder why am i reading this? But i keep going. Older books get you thinking. not all of them of course, but i feel like there are things to be learned in some older books and those are the kinds i want to read too, not just the fantastical kinds that throw you in another world like a cool movie. those kinds only entertain and teach nothing besides basic morals that everyone out to know and they teach you to yearn for a love that isnt possible amongst humans. Read The Picture of Dorian Gray and youll see what i mean by another intelligence and realism. Its small amount of fiction and impossiblity is so entertwined with realism and the world that it almost seems possible. i like it. 

i want to hear what everyone has to say. please comment if you got something to say =) thanks everyone. 

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