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 Forum RUles

Anyone found breaking the rules will be banned from the site and the Freelancer who was harassed can take legal action upon person breaking the rules. Everyone posting on the forum must read and acknowledge the rules, posting is equivalent to agreeing to them. 

Freelancers may not be contacted or bothered about anything other than the job(s) they were inquiring/seeking. 

The site Owner however may contact them for any matter.

Cursing and fighting on the forum is prohibited and  considered harassment. Please keep it professional, this is a privilege, I am helping you find a job.

You may NOT post anything other than the topic on this forum sections. The section Freelancers is strictly for Freelancers seeking jobs so that people looking for a freelancer can find them easier.

Freelancers, Never put personal addresses or detailed information on the Forum. Keep it brief and vague. If they really want to hire you they can email you and get further info from there. I will email you when someone inquires your post. I will NEVER ask you for your password, so don't give it out.

Your posts may be detailed for the job your seeking, but please, Do not post more than 6 jobs. If you go around posting every job you can think of people will assume you have no experience and probably won't hire you. Remember, Experience is a great thing to list. Most people are seeking experienced individuals within certain areas. 

Freelancers Do not have to post any contact information. If a freelancer wants (and because i do it regardless) I will send them an email whenever someone inquires about their post. This helps to protect and keep the freelancer up to date if they don't check the site often. The freelancer does not have to post their email or contact info. 

Minimum post requirements:  First name, Country (if non US resident), State, 1 Job your seeking, and at least 1 experience related to the  job. This forum is for Freelancers who have had at least a little bit of experience. 

 Any information between the site owner and the members is CONFIDENTIAL, however, if a Lawsuit or investigation is at hand, the site owner MAY and WILL give up your information if need be. This is for the protection of people following the rules. 

For your benefit, I require People who are inquiring Freelancers for work must state to the site owner : Their First and Last name, City and State, Company they work for, Company/Specific person the Freelancer is to be working for, Freelancer they are inquiring and what the job entails, location of job, 2 means of contact- email address and telephone number - which will be called by either me or the Freelancer to confirm validity. 

NO sexual, violent, or drug related "freelancing" of any type, Any content of the sort will be reported to the authorities. This site is for LEGAL jobs only.

Please do not contact a Freelancer or Employer about anything outside of the Job they are seeking/offering. 

Freelancers with Felony Criminal Background MUST state that in their Posts. People seeking to hire must also post their rules on whether or not they will hire someone with a background- this help saves our freelancers time of inquiring jobs that wouldn't hire them regardless.

You do not have to post minor charges or details of Felonies. All that is required is Whether or not you have a Felony and what it is. Ex: Grand Theft Auto, Murder, etc. This only counts for charges that you are GUILTY for.

The site owner nor can be held responsible for anything posted or going on in or outside of the site. The site owner has set rules and precautions to help protect the members as best as the site owner can and cannot be held responsible for anything that may occur, Violations of the Rules are prohibited, and the site owner can give information to the Law/Authorities and ban people who break these rules. 
The site Owner does her best to help the Freelancer authenticate employers however It is the sole responsibility of the Freelancer to make a educated decision and check out the employers authenticity.And any misconduct that happens outside of the site between employers and freelancer cannot hold the site owner accountable for.

(Suggestions) Be Safe everyone! And Research your Employers before going anywhere! Meet in public places and gather their personal info if you can. Send me emails before you go meet them etc. or Let someone know where you are going at all times, this can really come in handy if something were to happen to you. Happy Job Hunting.

Any Questions or concerns feel free to contact the site owner under the contact section.